MyX Network Keeps Lying to Investors & Censoring People in Twitter & Telegram

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 26 Aug 2020


MyX Network Keeps Lying to Investors & Censoring People in Twitter & Telegram

If the frauds thought the investigation was over, not even close. Since our latest post more information and data has surfaced regarding the matter. MyX Network has launched a counter-attack regarding on Hourglass contract & other things. Let's address these false claims

  • The Source code is something they aren't willing to share, if they got nothing to hide, there is no reason to hide it. There are multiple hourglass contracts that already exist that are open source, nobody cares about this alleged proprietary technology nor they have disclosed who created the code so we could ask dev personally is the backdoors in it.
  • They didn't decide to explain why DAO wasn't used to delegate Whitelist address possibly to someone else in future. They have basically promised that they will use whitelisting in future and AREN'T willing to disclose BIKI Addresses. Biki has been banning us on telegram for talking about potential scam listing. Censorship is done on their side
  • They also admitted to give money to pyro owner spydrzero even though hes a fraud, why would they do that for a person who did Soft Exit? Doesn't make any sense from legitimacy perspective.


People who have been even slightly critical of the project in the Twitter or telegram are being banned. That includes obviously me as well. The number of telegram followers on the channel has gone below 3,000 (which consists of bots a lot too) If you wish to talk about $MYX you can do it in this telegram


These exposes also eventually lead them to close their Discord channel as well, which lead to massive drop in price and in dumps. Its basically under lockdown since they didn't have enough mods to censor all the expose and questions that were happening there.

  • Ironically is pretty evident that they are using botting themselves

There is bunch of more censorship cases you can search by $MYX hashtag on twitter or even go to MYX exposed reddit post to see all the people who got banned for asking questions in telegram or discord.


Addressing the Code Itself

The audit and reverse engineering of hourglass is something we haven't been able to do yet, i'm sure we will follow up once we are done with that. However as previously disclosed on the video the current code has lot of gas fee optimization problems. We knew about this for a while now... secondly there are 3 possible attack vectors that can be done to the code. It was compiled on very solidity version which you shouldn't do because they tend to have lot more bugs.

  • You can verify this stuff yourself very easily by pasting this to slither or other similar checker tool

To mention again, hourglass audit to follow if we have a time to do it, this depends on developers.


Dividends Strategy Failing

The Counter-strategy to our claims been revolving around the dividends that the program is giving, but as we showed on previous article the chart of transfers is significantly lower, because its very expensive to interact with both hourglass and normal staking contract. Normal interaction is gonna be around 4-5$ and thats probably what anyone will make in a month if they invest 100$ in or something at best.

  • The actual uniswap ethereum and MyX are being slowly drained out, meaning slippage is gonna increase as more time goes, currently sitting at minimum 6% which is not good.
  • BKEX also ain't great option since price is lot more bearish, we also believe there is manipulation happening at bkex, given that the exact same amount MYX being traded.


As you can see on the right side its one person wash trading back and worth the same price. Also number 127.76 keeps popping out over and over again. If this is not wash trading i don't know what is.... 

But this is not all thats happening charts wise, they wanted to talk about math lets talk about it.


The Peak volume in Uniswap for the August 16th was 2,722M and on August 19th prior my first video it was at 2,234M and now from the current days timestamp its sitting at mere 54,712$, which is abysmal drop granted day is not over, but its about to hit new low presumably on the metrics.

  • For Liquidity high peak was at 1,279M at August 19th and its been dropping since each day currently sitting at 617,648$ and less liquidity higher slippage will get as time goes on.

TL;DR - The Divs are low in sum and in low amounts, while volume and total liquidity are steadily declining as well for the project.


Also Lytestar aka Spydrzero claimed that me and Pep have launched competing token called Dyx Network, which we can happily announce we aren't involved in. For the doubters its pretty easy to debunk so lets go through this claim now.

  • First of all we already disclosed earlier that their code was wonky and bad, if we wanted to clone their project we would have written a new code that wouldn't be with latest solidity version with 3 attack vectors and high gas costs, these types of contracts turn really really bad during Ethereum congestion.
  • Secondly we would have benefited much more financially if we would have transparently told we created a fork and we would have shilled it from day one since my videos came out. It would've been easy to make audience trust us more than MyX who got caught lying multiple times and changed goal post every single time we confronted them with new evidence. Remember how they still haven't addressed the youtube stuff? 
  • Thirdly Pep is already working on a DAO project unrelated to this concept and i am busy with other videos. We possibly couldn't have time as we were researching all of this past days to launch a product ourselves. 
  • Fourthly we disclosed the contract flaws to their about the contract and they didn't ban us, so at least they support freedom of speech to a certain degree.

For full transparency i did throw ~20$ MYX just because its a big meme. i don't obviously expect to go moon with it and it doesn't have any listings or utillities as of right now, its just a simple tokenomics game just like MYX. Obviously in case it wasn't clear DYX IS HIGH RISK INVESTMENT and has anon team. 



As a final update to the story we are taking this case into Kleros courts as we are collecting evidence against spydrzero and his collaborators. This is going to take place very soon and we keep you posted on my twitter regarding it or my discord/telegram. 

  • We are also preparing an investigation launch on LID Protocol and as friendly warning!! Do not invest in their presales or projects since we have seen multiple massive red flags in them and they refused to expose MyX to investors as we provided them intel.

Majority of people got banned in LID telegram who talked about MyX like me have been banned as of now. More updates to this grand conspiracy will be following.

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