Liger Coin (NFT Drop) Limited Availability

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 9 May 2021


Liger Coin NFT Drop

As of late, I've been very busy working on my own NFT series on WAX Blockchain, which is ought to be released this month, as long as all logistics get done. I will be issuing a couple of NFT drops however before the launch starts and that allows people to get started and or so-called head start for the minting and creating NFT's 

  • Liger coin is one of the key assets of this NFT set allowing people to craft certain items in this NFT set that are crafting exclusives, but also crafting materials that are needed to upgrade cards to better qualities. 
  • The supply of these coins is scarce since once used for crafting they obviously burn. 

The assets are currently not whitelisted (yet) so you need checkmark the whitelist tick box on profile at Atomichub when claiming these. You can claim 1 per account as of right now

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