Fast Super Heroes - EOS Blockchain Game where you can Mine EOS Inside the Game

Fast Super Heroes - EOS Blockchain Game where you can Mine EOS Inside the Game

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 3 Sep 2019

Mine EOS Inside the Game During The Special Promotion!

Today i was trying out a new game that is currently on BETA at EOS blockchain which goes by the name of Fast Super Heroes a 3D MMORPG Game where you can do PvE, craft items that are like NFT's that you can trade on a market place in exchange native token called FAST. Developed by FASTECO who are known from their previous adventure on a dice game.

Right now there is no combat nor you can choose any of the classes right now, its just a barebones beta version of the game where you can go to mining area to mine veins which give different level of rewards based on size and color. This will go on till September 8th then the promotion is over. You need EOS account to play the game and you login with Scatter wallet.


In future you are able to choose between 6 different classes Archer, Warrior, Holy Knight, Mage, Cleric and Dark Knight. The classes will have different ability trees and items technically as it is stated on their article at medium

We believe that all armor should have diversified stats, thus we have created a complicated and progressive item system. Weapons and armor will have many different randomized properties and stats, and there are also rare special effects such as stunning, entangling, critical strike, etc that can be generated by your gear if you are lucky.

While playing it sort of a gave me vibes of early Runescape, since it was a game that wasn't necessarily amazing by its combat but a browser game that had its own ecosystem and trading which was kinda cool. I can see this game be similar in many aspects because of that, technically someone could make a living just by playing the game as a job, wouldn't that be nice huh? 


The Graphics are not too shabby, reminds me of nintendo type of style with this sort of a boxy sides, i'm not sure what this style is called exactly, but it definitely has its own audience and appeal in modern gaming development. The World map is atm somewhat small, but im pretty sure it will be expanded as time goes on. 

There isn't much options to go around, there is no way to turn overly loud fireworks sounds inside the game (Just mute the tab on browser), need some adjustments i guess on graphics (need low end support and high end support), also brightness adjustments among other basic tweaking mechanics that people enjoy would be appreciated on feature releases. 


I have no idea what the combat is going to be like, but the current movements are somewhat fluid for a browser based game so it works fine. I also love how fast it interacts with the blockchain, just one sec later after i had mined the veins i received EOS on my wallet. I made around ~1.5$ in today's session of 2-3 hours inside the game. 

It Definitely has potential and i can see many people play the game long as the token itself has value. The game has to be enjoyable however so people want to buy FAST token so it creates itself fundamental value. Perhaps there can be multiple use cases for the token (i assume their dice site is still open for now). 

I will create future videos about the project later on as well once it moves out of beta to see where it goes. I Could be seeing myself play the game on a daily basis if i could earn dollar or two from it. Beats the faucets you know? 

Make sure to check out their social media sites to learn more about their project or try the beta yourself!






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