Creating Ethereum DEX For Free & Without Coding Knowledge (Here is How..)

Creating Ethereum DEX For Free & Without Coding Knowledge (Here is How..)

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 23 Jun 2020

Tutorial on Creating Ethereum Decentralized Exchange

Here is how you can enter to Ethereum DEFI space by creating your own Decentralized exchange (DEX) for free, without having any prior coding knowledge. SwitchDEX now offers a creation portal on their website how to setup your own DEX that will allow you to customize color schemes, asset pairings and most importantly name of the DEX. You need a wallet to interact with this operation so make sure to have something that interacts with dapps like Metamask, since this is needed to sign a message on the blockchain (there is no fee related to this transaction).

Base Package Deal
  • List up to 30 different Ethereum tokens to the exchange
  • Choose trading pairs for the tokens 
  • Adjust colors of the site for both dark and light mode
  • Upload your own logo and get unique name for the site
  • Ability to also use your own domain with the DEX, otherwise they are hosted under the Switchdex domain
  • Get Dividends for each sale down under your DEX portal
  • Cross bookings (More liquidity) over all DEX's portals 

For documentation setting the dex under your own domain name, please go to this article here and there will be more further customization and other sort of updates coming in future, which allow you to do more stuff with your own portal. 

  • In future there is likely going to be a paid plan that allows more features that aren't accessible to the basic plan. 

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