Cinnamon The New Video Review - Platform that Ripple invested 20 Million towards Adaption

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 18 Oct 2019

Cinnamon Got a 20M dollar grant to build their platform along with Coil

It's not a big surprise that i'm not very big fan of Ripple or XRP, because of the centralized aspects of them and the concept of just getting fiat and dumping tokens to the market. This model doesn't seem to change too much from their BETA blogging platform Coil, which uses subscription system where people pay monthly ~5$ which will be split between the content creators the subscribees read. 

They use same model in cinnamon, but not with much thought, since people who aren't subscribed to coil are not able to watch any videos on Cinnamon platform. This is simply just dumb marketing strategy and not really viable at all.

Cinnamon Pros 

  • The layout is not actually half bad
  • Uploading process is rather fast
  • Tags seem to work properly so does search around them


Cinnamon Cons

  • No people seem to be subscribed to Coil subscription, making 96% of new videos sitting at 0 views, no one being able to view them except the creators 
  • The model is just simply bad and money distribution cannot work if you have couple hundred people who are only subscribed to the platform, who split their earnings to multiple sites they visit.
  • Lot of features still missing

If they manage to reverse the video platforms monetization model, there could be lot of promise for the platform.

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