Arena Match Gold - Esports Token For Skill Wagering

Arena Match Gold - Esports Token For Skill Wagering

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 24 Jun 2019

Esports Token For Skill Wagering

Today i will be doing an IEO overview of Arena Match Gold (AMG) an ERC20 Token operating on the ethereum blockchain. Supplied with special Enjin ERC 1155 tokens as well which can be used on many functions on their platform.

Arena Match is a skill-based esports gaming app that will allow gamers to bet and compete in solo Skill Challenges, daily high score leaderboards, head to head matches, and Battle Royale modes for popular online games, such as PUBG (PlayerUnknown’sBattlegrounds), Fortnite, Apex Legends, and CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). Beta Coming Soon!

So lets look into some of the stuff that the project is basically offering for esports players via their Arena Match platform. Pay in mind this is still in beta and lot of stuff is still to be finalized. 


  • Skill Challenges: In this mode, players make a bet against Arena Match based on their ability to succeed against a number of specific predefined challenges (like getting first place in their next game of solo Fortnite, or achieving a certain number of kills in a game of PUBG). The platform keeps those entry fees if the player fails, and pays them out (based on predefined odds) if they succeed. The challenges will be set up to be difficult enough that succeeding is rare, but rewarding enough that players have a compelling reason to play. Arena Match will dynamically adjust the payout rates on a per-player basis based on that player’s skill history to ensure that challenges remain persistently difficult while keeping the payouts appropriately fair and compelling.
  • Highscore Tournaments: Players can compete in regularly scheduled (hourly/daily/weekly) leader board tournaments for specific games with the goal of achieving a high score payout. Before each tournament begins, the prize pool is set and the number of paid out positions is determined (these numbers will fluctuate based on historic metrics, anticipated entrants/entry fees, and the platform’s overall success). Once the tournament begins, players will be able to enter at-will, paying an entry fee which grants them an opportunity to play a match whose score will be recorded on the leader board. Until the tournament ends, players may make multiple entries into the tournament (paying a separate entry fee each time) to attempt to post a better score (using their best score to establish their rank). 
  • Head-to-Head: Arena Match will facilitate instant matchmaking, where individuals or teams pay a predetermined entry fee to queue up and face off against challengers to compete for that match’s prize pool. The platform will keep a moderate 10% of the collected fees for hosting the match, which leaves a compelling prize pool for the winner(s) to compete over. At launch, the entry fees for these matches will range from $1-$20 worth of AMG per participant.
  • Battle Royale Free-For-All: Players will be able to pay entry fees to enter pre-scheduled Battle Royale matches, where they will compete for that match’s top positions. The players who score the best ranks will be paid out from that match’s prize pool, minus a 10% hosting fee kept by Arena Match. Battle Royale games pit 60-100 players against each other in a free-for-all setting, with matches last 30 minutes to an hour. 
  • Additional Revenue Source – Playwire Ads: Through our partnership with Overwolf we will have access to the Playwire adnetwork. Short forgivable advertisements will play before and after matchmaking without disrupting gameplay (during load and match conclusion screens). These ads will generate a small but consistent revenue stream for the business. 




There is a huge and growing audience of people who like to play and watch esports. Statista reports that there will be over 380 million esports enthusiasts and viewers by the end of 2019, 165 million of which “frequently” engage in esports in one manner or another. Our audience represents a segment of this secondary group:

  • People who themselves engage in competitive gaming (these are the players who, for instance, make serious efforts to progress in ranked matches).
  • People that like the thrill and opportunity of monetary-stakes play (according to Statista, that’s at least 25% of the population, though certain Gallup polls have the figure well above 60%).
  • People that are eligible to play in skill-based beting games (18+ years old, 41 US states and roughly 80% of all countries around the world).



Game lineup will be consisting of PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends and CS:GO and possibly in future expand to different type of popular esports and non-esports titles. Sky is the limit i presume, it just probably needs some level of API and customisation for to work.


Every quarter, we will destroy AMG based on a % of transaction volume on our esports app which will continue to indefinitely reduce the circulating supply overtime. This will increase overall value of the tokens as time goes by and gives a reason to HODL and not dump all tokens at the first minute to the exchanges. 


AMG Token Information


Token: Arena Match Gold
Symbol: AMG
Protocol: ERC-20 Ethereum Network
Decimals: 18
Soft-cap: 5 million AMG to be Sold / Swapped
Hard-cap: 75 million AMG to be Sold / Swapped
Minimum Contribution: 0.1 ETH
Starting IEO Rate: 1 AMG per 0.0005 ETH



Overall its an interesting project and there obviously are other esports tokens out there, but i would argue most of them are going for different type of things and audiences in the end of the day. Remains to be seen what exchange will be chosen as IEO and that will probably affect a lot what will go down basically. 



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