Altcoin Overview #2 - BLAST a Possible Crypto that takes Gaming to Next level?

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 4 Jun 2019

Altcoin Overview #2 - BLAST

BLAST is a PoW Blockchain with a Supply-Constricting Economic Model, Low Fees & Very Fast Transactions. The Focus Is to provide support for software like the CryptoBlast video game, Utilizing Segwit Transactions For Data Tracking. More info can be found at BLAST Website -

The game that they are working on Cryptoblast is currently on early alpha stages and are likely to start out testing this year, make sure to subscribe to my channel to get more intel. 





If you want to invest in BLAST and buy it for upcoming masternode or for any other purpose, you can find it on these 4 exchanges down below.

➜ STEX -

➜ Crex24 -

➜ Block DX -

➜ SouthXchange -

Also check out the sponsor of the video the Txbit exchange and my personal twitter as well.

➜ Txbit -

➜ Twitter - 


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