Aloha Open Wi-fi App - Get Crypto for your Extra Internet Bandwidth
Aloha Open Wi-fi App - Get Crypto for your Extra Internet Bandwidth

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 20 Feb 2020

Turn Extra Bandwidth into Crypto

Today i want to share with you guys an app called Aloha Open Wi-fi that is meant revolutionize wi-fi hotspots around the world. Allowing people to turn their phones into hotspots in cafe's, airports, restaurants, trains, hotels or anywhere where tourists go. In exchange for your extra bandwidth you will be rewarded in Aloha Loyalty tokens that will be tradeable in exchanges or into Bitcoin or Ethereum as well.

Aloha is an important social initiative which removes the barriers for people having difficulty accessing the web. Our community of Aloha Hotspot Hosts are contributing to the daily lives of millions of people globally and earning real financial reward in return.

After more than a decade of relentless progress, the crypto-verse is becoming more relevant to the wider population. What we all need now is mass adoption, billions of people to grasp crypto and become daily users.

Aloha is at the forefront of this mass adoption. Our smartphone app will be in the pockets of millions of young people, making daily payments and encouraging them to use cryptocurrencies to trade and make purchases. Aloha is an important set forward in the integration of crypto into wider society.

The app is also able to tell in future how to find hotspots near you and this allows businesses like hotels or bars make more customers by signaling potential tourists that they have a wifi network available.

Aloha Token will be operating under Stellar Lumens (XLM) blockchain so it will be eventually available to trade at decentralized Stellar exchanges as well, which is a great thing. 



Here is why Aloha could be filling an important part of the current problem in the ecosystem among the benefits that Aloha brings to the table.

  • 80% of us end up wasting our unused data at the end of each month. That means 80% of us could be earning money through Aloha meaning there’s a huge market for your extra data.
  • On a daily basis, 76% of smart phone users find themselves in a position where they can’t get online. Even those with huge data packages will hit a data blackspot from time to time, especially on the move, so whether we just can’t get a signal or we have run out of data, the Aloha platform is the perfect answer to the problem.
  • Aloha App system will allow you to exchange your Aloha tokens for US Dollars, Euros, or Great British Pounds and then to go shopping via our online mall where you can enjoy some of the world’s top online retail brands.
  • As a user, enjoy a simple connection wherever your smartphone detects an Aloha Open WiFi Hotspot. No costs. No password. No need to share your social media credentials. Data usage through ALOHA Hosts is FREE! So paddle out, hang loose, and ride the waves with your Aloha surfer family.


To get started using and trying out the Aloha App you can currently download it from google playstore and eventually also will be downloadable in IOS playstore as well.


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