How to Rich With Brave Browser

How to Rich With Brave Browser

By Squidy analysis | Lisra_99 | 4 Dec 2019

Brave is a privacy-oriented browser with an internal adblocker that allows users to surf the internet safely and without interruption of advertisements and allows users to get incentives (Token BAT) from the advertisements they see.

How to get BAT tokens from Brave Browser:

1. Brave Airdrop

It is the cheapest way to promote cryptocurrency. Participants only need to do the simple task of getting free coins.

How to follow the Brave airdrop:

- Download the desktop version of Brave Browser and APP.

- Follow them on social media

- Join the Telegram Channel


Brave will pay for individuals who install Brave Browser on their devices, and once a month your wallet will automatically be renewed with $ 5 in the form of BAT tokens.

2. Publisher and Affiliate Programs

If you are a blogger or streamer and have skills in digital marketing, then you can also get BAT Tokens from your blogger or steaming activities.


How to monetize your channel to get prizes from Brave

- Create an account at Brave Become Publisher

- Add your website and streaming channel

- Get the Referral link and spread it

- The submission process will be verified within 48 hours, more content on your site or channel, the verification process can be faster

You just need to enter your wallet BAT



You will be paid by the person who installed the Brave browser via your referral link and the TIP provided by your site visitors and channel.

The BAT Token will go to your UpHold account "the tone account must be verified or the payment will be billed" and will be immediately converted to fiat.

Note: Channels Will Be Verified with-in 24 to 48 Hours make sure you have some marketing content related to Bat or brave browser if it can't cause delays in the verification process.


3 Activate Brave Reward

- Activate Brave Reward

- Set the frequency of ads that you will see per hour

- Set the payment that you will get

Start to Earn BAT token

Squidy analysis
Squidy analysis

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