My Interview Regarding Ecency With @melinda010100

By LiquidOcelot | liquidocelot | 30 Nov 2023


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Starting on the ecency platform I stumbled upon the shadow hunters contest over 10 months ago which was and still is organized by @melinda010100 through a long time I kept asking for guidance from her and she always helped me so she is not a coach for me no that would be a wrong word but I would say she is like a mentor in fact a caretaker for me on the platform cause whenever I have some issues I know I can count on her experience to give me the guidance I need to help me out. Today I did an interview with @melinda010100 a Volunteer non staff member (Moderator) of the official Ecency discord server.

Here are the questions and answers you all have been waiting for so let’s start them shall we:

Question no 1: How long have you been a staff member at and what is your role assigned there?

@melinda010100 Ecency doesn’t have staff that I am aware of. I am a Discord mod and also a curator, both volunteer positions.

Question no 2: When will 3speak introduce the YouTube synchronization system? Is there any chance for this to happen in the future?

@melinda010100 I am not involved with 3speak and have no idea what their future plans are.

Question No 3: What advice will you give to newbies coming to platform just starting out?

@melinda010100 Make lots of comments and engage with people to make friends

Question no 4: Why is building a reputation such a big deal on meaning not only do you have to take care of the rules so you do not get blacklisted by hivewatcher but also keep in mind community rules of specific communities so they do not blacklist you?

@melinda010100 I view rep scores as a gauge of how much effort someone is putting into building their account

Question No 5: What is HL verification inside a specific community and why is it required to get you into the curation radar of various communities?

@melinda010100 What is HL verification? Sorry, I have no idea myself.

Question No 6: How much money can you potentially earn on per month as a newbie?

@melinda010100 I have no idea.

Question No 7: Why is it so important to power up your this is not a rule however if you decide to power down you lose respect with a lot of important people on the platform why is this such a recommended practice?

@melinda010100 Powering up shows your commitment to building your account.

Question no 8: Why do you promote Dhedge token so much and how can one enroll in their curation somehow meaning how much does One need to invest in this token to get into their curation radar?

@melinda010100 You can find answers to DHEDGE questions here

Wooh that was an intense interview and special thanks to @melinda010100 for taking her valuable time to contribute to this interview. I hope to get her to do another interview in the future and by then hopefully, I will have matured on the platform as well cause literally I am a newbie here myself.

Before I go I have to say one important thing The Ecency development team is amazing!

This article has been originally published on ctptalk which is legally my content. 


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