Important Pointers From My Minutes Of Meeting With @dlmmqb Regarding Growth On Hive.Blog

By LiquidOcelot | liquidocelot | 30 Nov 2023

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I was having huge issues and most importantly I was a confused person really regarding growth in the platform so I contacted my mentor @mypathtofire for advice on what shall I do regarding this? he pointed me out to a discord community called “HivePakistan” and specifically told me to meet @dlmmqb to get some guidance as to what mistakes I might be making as to why I am not making any progression on the platform. So I did exactly that and got a whopping over 6 hours of voice meetings (all accumulated) of advice and tackling my issues on the platform in hivePakistan discord server lounge section.

Below are the important pointers of discussion with me getting special FREE consultation from @dlmmqb regarding growth on the platform:

  • Go for building your HP first meaning if you cannot or are not willing to buy HP then go for 100 percent payout in HP option in advanced payout section instead for a minimum period of 3 months or more.
  • Never use AI content or Machine learning assistance content and always try to use original content. Also follow the rules to the book.
  • Interact with the communities and not only on but also out side in their discord servers by providing a helping hand to newbies. If you invite some one to join the platform not only delegate some hp to the newbie but also provide guidance to him/her as well.
  • Try to make longer posts on as the content must have original photos minimum 3 photos taken from your own camera and also the text length should be minimum over 500 words long so the content can automatically become engaging.
  • Do not be selfish and only do tasks on to gain monetary rewards but also not only view other people’s content but provide engaging comments not spam ones like “Good content” meaning you must read the whole content and give valuable engagement.
  • Protect your hive keys by deleting your passwords of the keychain from your email inbox because of rise of hackers.
  • is a community and you must act like a community member meaning you must provide value with your content, comments and always try to help other people on the platform and this time I am talking about may be report some people who might not be following the TOS to the right authorities.
  • You are the representation of your country for me it being Pakistan and you have the responsibility to show conduct that has high behavioural standards because your actions is a representation of your whole country so keep this in your mind when acting/behaving on the platform.
  • has many good communities and learning opportunities so do not be shy and join these communities and @dlmmqb specifically told me the hivelearners community how they help newbies and old members like my self in growing on the platform.
  • should be seen as a long term opportunity and short nearsightedness should not be considered.

Special thanks to @dlmmqb and to my friend @mypathtofire who referred me for his expert advice for growing on the platform but also improving my reputation on the platform as well. So I must say in the end am truly humbled with the wholesome conversations I had with @dlmmqb during hour long voice meetings in the #hivepakistan server as I feel I am going on the right track to be a better contributor to the platform.

Please comment if you feel you learned something new or just about anything related to this content really. I will say if I made any mistake to @dlmmqb in wrongfully depicting our meetings then I must apologise and am also willing to edit those parts out accordingly also I must admit that the content you see can be consumed by the general audience as it does not invade any bodies privacy nor contain any confidential information.

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