The impressive progress of Liquid Exchange in Q2 2019

By hsotaka | Liquid and Qash | 30 Aug 2019

Today i want to show you the progress Liquid Exchange made in the latest quarter.


Quick Exchange

Liquid implemented the QEX (Quick Exchange) which allow user to convert Crypto/Crypto or even Fiat/Crypto without the need to get bogged down in order books, charts or any other points of confusion. This features allows newcomers with no knowledge about trading and order books are able to buy and sell crypto easily.

(In Q3, Project Hydro announced that they partnered with Liquid and will implement the Quick Exchange into their P2P platform.




Liquid Pro (Mobile App)

The final release of Liquid's mobile app "Liquid Pro" was in Q2 2019. Liquid Pro is a mobile app, focused on professional trading.
Its one of a few apps out there which offers the possibility to execute and manage spot trading, margin trading and even CFD trading.
Even on small display sizes, you have a great overview of you trades.

Of course it's also able to deposit and withdraw crypto and fiat via this app.

(In Q3 2019 Liquid implemented the Quick Exchange into their mobile app, so you can easily convert currencies on your mobile phone now.)



Isolated margin

Liquid implemented isolated margin trading. The default Cross Margin Trading always takes the entire amount of your funding currency as margin coverage. Isolated Margin assigns a margin amount to your position, which is then restricted only to the assigned amount of margin. With Isolated Margin, you have precise control over exactly how much capital is exposed to the position. If the margin falls below the maintenance margin level, the position will be liquidated.



Liquid Tap

Liquid implemented a new websocket service which provides API traders lower latency, improved predictability and improved privacy.


0-Block Bitcoin deposits

Liquid implemented a technology to confirm BTC deposits with zero block confirmations. 80% of Bitcoin deposits will processed and available for trading within 6-10 seconds.


Basic Account

Liquid changes their policy for global users. Before they implemented Basic Account, it wasn't possible to withdraw fiat or crypto without KYC on Liquid. Now you are able to trade, margin and withdraw crypto currency without doing KYC. You still need to do KYC if you want withdraw fiat or to take part in IEOs on Liquid.


US Expansion

Liquid announced that they will heading to the USA. They have partnered with Virtual Currency Partners (VCP), to get regulation approval in the USA. Furthermore they opened a department in Atlanta, USA which will provide jobs for development, marketing and customer employees. The launch of Liquid USA is planned for January 2020.


Unicorn Status

In a series C funding round in early 2019, Liquid being valued over 1 billion USD. This valuation means, Liquid is one of two tech unicorns in Japan's startup space. Quoine (company behind Liquid) was founded in 2014, so they reached unicorn status in less than 5 years.


Russian Language Support

Liquid offers language support for russian customers. You can change the language settings of the exchange to russia now.


Partnership with GramAsia/GRAM Token Sale

As you maybe heared, Liquid was the first exchange which offers real GRAM tokens for public sale. Telegram doesn't offer a public sale of their GRAM tokens, so Liquid partnered with private investor "GramAsia". Tokens will be distributed after TON Mainnet Launch in October 2019.



Liquid also listed a few coins/tokens in Q2 2019:

  • Celsius Network
  • Orbs
  • RedFOX
  • PumaPay
  • DAI
  • Pigzbe

Thank you for reading my article!

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Liquid and Qash
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