When will testnet Ethereum 2.0 start?

When will testnet Ethereum 2.0 start?

By lidson | lipson | 19 May 2020

Ethereum 2.0 developers say that the testnet of the new version of the network may start in June or July this year. Is it real? And when will we finally completely switch to the new version of the network?


Ethereum 2.0


The first testnet attempt failed due to a time stamp problem

says Afri Schoedon, longtime Ethereum developer. It is possible, however, that in June the test network will start. At least that's the plan ...


Except that the development community is strongly divided on this issue. Some of them think that June is an unrealistic deadline, others give July, and others say that even this last month is impossible when it comes to testnet start.  Launch of [testnet] Ethereum 2.0 will take place in July 2020, assuming no further delays - you could read two weeks ago on the BitMEX Research profile.


Step by step

The first milestone of the project is the launch of the contract in the Ethereum 1 test network. Then it is time for testnet "two". The latter must work for about three months to be able to verify it thoroughly. In any case, it can be concluded that running the test this summer may be very unlikely ...


The transition [to the new version of the network] will be a painful process [lasting] many years. In the initial stages, Ethereum 2.0 will exist as a parallel system next to Ethereum 1.0, and at some point in the future it is planned to connect the two systems back into one 

BitMEX Research experts explain.

The market is waiting for the project to start, because Ethereum 2.0. is to improve many platform functions that will improve e.g. scalability. In addition, after switching to a new mining algorithm - PoS - it is possible that the supply of Ethers will significantly decrease on the market, which may strongly raise the cryptocurrency rate.

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