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Football is the world’s most popular sport, with over 4 billion fans and 265 million players. The digital attention to football extends to news and video sites, match results apps, professional club apps and social media. On social media, several football players are among the ten most popular people on the planet with hundreds of millions of followers.

Collecting live match results and videos for entertainment clubs along with social media and discussions for 6,000+ professional clubs and hundreds of thousands of professional players in one easy-to-use app. TheFutbolApp (TFA) has the potential to become the premier hub where billions of fans and hundreds of millions of players turn to interact with their favorite sport. TheFutbolCoin (TFC) becomes a token that monetizes this focus on football and enables the creation of a digital economy in sport that benefits all participants.


Capturing the entire football community worldwide with a fun, feature-rich and easy-to-use app, creating a digital economy in our ecosystem with the TFC Token. TheFutbolApp (TFA) provided a single platform enabling players, coaches, clubs and fans to simply and efficiently take part in the digital activities related to football that are important to them. By including not only fans but also players, coaches, and clubs (professional and entertainment) in the app, we create a large, powerful and sustainable community.


 By realising TheFutbolCoin (TFC), we are creating a transaction platform and digital economy in this app that allows the wealth of the community to be shared with its members, contributors and stakeholders. The Minimum Viable Economy (MVE) is achieved by allowing real-world goods and services to be exchanged for TFC through our wallet in the app, and the possibility of football-related transactions such as advertising, ticket purchases, registration fees and donating money to aspiring young footballers or charitable causes.

TFA Application

TFA makes the social network around each club and each player come alive, providing a more immersive social experience and sense of belonging. We add world-class news in every language and discussion rooms for every club and match. We also have match prediction games to add some fun and complete our fully interactive experience.

TheFutbolApp is available on the Play Store and iOS App Store and has been successfully launched in Cyprus in collaboration with local clubs and players. TFA is planned for worldwide launch.

Interface of Thefutbolapp (TFA)

TheFutbolCoin (TFC) Solution

By weaving TheFutbolCoin (TFC) into the functionality of TheFutbolApp, we can share wealth with various stakeholders in our community.

Fans: A pool of 500 million TFC has been set aside for TFA community users to earn by adding value in various ways (using the app, making winning predictions, inviting their friends to the app, taking surveys from advertisers, moderating forums). Users earn points for these in-app actions, which can be converted to TFC.

Merchants can accept TFC at their business by listing their business in the TFC wallet. They can accept a limited amount per month that is secured electronically in the TFA wallet. Then they use TFC to buy ads in TheFutbolApp to attract more new customers.

Crypto for people

Understanding cryptocurrency, setting up and protecting a cryptocurrency wallet, buying, getting or mining cryptocurrency, and spending cryptocurrency are very challenging tasks. To date, the market has been limited to technically advanced pioneers, and they have been generously rewarded for their participation by sharing trophies of over 100 billion in new wealth. TFA makes it easy for any fan to obtain, understand, use and profit from cryptocurrency.

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