Adore network | Financial ecosystem with XFA token

By liorezal | Liorezal | 28 Nov 2020

Adore network positioned as a program to earn money for crypto community. I will inform you about the problems that the project solves in this article. I remind you that investment is perilous before I start.

Cryptocurrency ecosystems are progressing at a fast speed. However, many platforms face the same problems. Token creators should keep a balance between the three sides - scalability, security, and decentralization. Other directions get worse when the project team focuses on one point. For example, bitcoin had good security and decentralization, but the network not processed some transactions and users had to pay high fees. Using a layer II networking (such a lighting network) fixed the problem.

Adore network has studied this experience. Smartbridge technology provides scalability. That will perform complex operations on other blockchains without overloading the major network. Improved Proof of stake algorithm gives security. Token holders determine which nodes are worthy of network protection. Decentralization depends on the needs of each node. The technology can include up to 1000 nodes. Or run smart contracts on multiple platforms all at once.

Also, the XFA financial system is starting. It comprises six components. It is credit, loans, insurance, trade, gambling and XFA token. XFA token based on etherium blockchain. 17 million coins there is a total amount. Start price within $0,05. The price of each token increases while transaction or sale. This will cause your tokens to increase in price with every purchase made by someone else. Current price is $0.25. The expected price of an XFA token in the last stage is $60000.

After buying the coins using smart contracts, referral link generated for the future earning options which flourishes up to three levels. The team will start token airdrop and development of a decentralized exchange in Q1 2021. It will launch the gaming platform in Q2 2021. Dex Exchange release in Q3. The core functionality with loans, credits, and savings planned in early of 2022.

The review is now over. I wish you great earnings. I will be glad to receive new subscribers and comments.

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