Pac coin (PAC) - 1000 pac Giveaway

By Nikhil Saji | Likemetric | 10 May 2020

Go to playstore or Apple Store and type pacapp


Donwload + Install the app


Register as a new user


Type your e-mail id and wait for the OTP


Type OTP and click confirm

In the next screen click new seed


Save the seed in a safe place because if you lost your device or uninstall the app you can get your wallet only by this

Click next

Must enter the phone no don't skip because if you not enter your phone no. you can't get the screen that for type referral code. With out type referral code you can't get signup bonus  

Enter your phone no. and wait for OTP


Type or paste the OTP . If the confirm button not works after typing the code use copy paste it will work.

This is the important step in the refferal code section type  P54SCWLK 

Signup using P54SCWLK and comment your Pac tag here i'll send you 50 pac coin



You get your coin only the first day of next month that is, if you signup in the month may you get your coin in June 1

Believe me this must work. I got 17000 pac coin as referral bonus 3 days before that is in may 1

Please note that you get only your signup bonus only if you type referral code P54SCWLK

You get reward of 1000 PAC coin worth $10 (NB:you get only reward coin if you type referral code unless you don't get a reward )


There you will see Nikhil saji invited you



Next enter your name


Next type Pac Tag name (This is your unique tag that for sending and receiving pac coin in the app)


Next click continue


You will go to pacapp user inteface


You can also get PAC coin by referring your friends each . there you get 1000 PAC coin each.

Referring your friends is unlimited so you can loot many coin as possible


About pac coin

Individuals' Alternative Choice Coin, normally called as PacCoin, is a lesser realized that was propelled in 2015. The coin experienced quick swelling in 2017, which was to a great extent credited to liberal mining rewards.
Till the Don of 2018 PacCoin had gotten one of the most economical digital forms of money in the market with a generally bigger gracefully of coins, remaining at over 3.5 trillion flow and an arranged top of 100 trillion. PacCoin has a dedicated network that hopes to observe their possessions emerge, and knock their fortunes. The people group trusts PacCoin to be the "Web Penny" later on, which would be utilized in microtransactions.
 PacCoin additionally experienced coin trade to break liberated from the expansion that destroyed its incentive in 2018. It isolated its absolute coins in the proportion of 1000:10. This implies the individuals who had 10,000 coins were re-allocated 10 coins of a similar worth. At present, over 5.6 billion PacCoin are available for use.

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