Hydro coin (HYDRO)

By Nikhil Saji | Likemetric | 9 May 2020

HydroCoin will be the principal digital money for the blockchain network enabling the hydrogen business. Made by Hydrogen, a fintech stage for designers and undertakings, Project Hydro is an open source, network driven activity based on Ethereum.  It empowers the blockchain network to take an interest on hydrogen innovations. It will be a one of a kind method to put resources into organizations, ventures and new innovations for hydrogen creation. It is the principal digital money coin to fabricate another decentralized arrangement of clean vitality creation. Hydrocoin is the primary token that is more than a tradeble digital money: it is likewise a testament for clean inexhaustible fills, and a cash to buy clean powers at ensured stations.

Hydro is an open source blockchain venture involving different shrewd agreements (conventions) and a dApp store, all fueled by the HYDRO token. Hydro empowers new and existing private frameworks to consistently coordinate and influence the permanent and straightforward elements of an open blockchain, to improve application and archive security, personality the executives, and exchanges.

Hydro conventions



Multifaceted verification convention that makes sure about client records and databases. In the server,  It's allowed when a micro transaction is done. On the customer side, any designer who needs to use Raindrop to installed clients must stake and keep up HYDRO to guarantee they stay great entertainers.


Decentralized personality convention that assists people with making their computerized characters and empowers ventures to effectively and safely get to this information. Snowflake goes about as a visa for recognizable proof data, with the HYDRO token as a passage expense, permitting dApps into the system and smoothing out client associations.


Contains shrewd agreements that make it easy to make true decentralized applications to encourage character connected installment works across P2P, retail location, online business, credit, and customary installment frameworks. 


Record the executives framework that empowers archives and information to be put away, stepped, executed and scrambled on the blockchain. HYDRO tokens keep up environment uprightness and are utilized to pay for administrations.


Personality connected security token. With Hail, organizations can assemble and convey security tokens.

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