Cosmos Coin (ATOM) - The Future Coin

By Nikhil Saji | Likemetric | 10 May 2020

ATOM considers itself the most adjustable, adaptable, incredible and interoperable environment of associated blockchains. It's a decentralized system of free blockchains fueled by Tendermint and other Byzantine Fault Tolerant calculations. It is Byzantine Fault Tolerance that permits a blockchain to accomplish agreement even in a domain that conceivably contains malevolent hubs.


The Cosmos Network can possibly turn into the Internet of Blockchains, and is likewise called the Cosmos Hub. ATOM is the first blockchain to be propelled on the Cosmos Network and its errand is to connect other blockchain (called zones in the system). When these connections are finished tokens can be rapidly and safely moved starting with one zone then onto the next consistently.


The Core Parts

The Tendermint Core 

The Tendermint Core is a product usage containing the Tendermint BFT calculation for accord and the interblockchain correspondence (IBC) convention which associates the agreement and systems administration layers to encourage correspondence between the center point and all the zones.

Application Blockchain Interface (ABCI) 

This takes into consideration the replication of dApps in an assortment of programming dialects. Since ABCI isn't obliged to any single programming language engineers can make the application segment of their blockchain in any language. The ABCI goes about as the association between Tendermint Core and the Cosmos SDK.


This is the application layer of the Cosmos Network and gives designers an essential blockchain system. It decreases multifaceted nature by giving the most well-known blockchain usefulness, for example, administration, tokens, and marking. Engineers at that point include extra wanted highlights by making modules.

Cosmos coin has the highest interest that paying in the proof of stake. When you buy ATOM coin, You must stake it, Why i am telling this because it has Highest ROI . 

In the Atomic Wallet there you get 10% annual interest that for ATOM , you can make a decent passive money from ATOM. If you don't have atomic wallet check the link of my previous post that for signup Atomic Wallet , When you signup Atomic wallet there you get 15 AWC coin Airdrop also.


Check the link and claim your free 15 AWC coins also.

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