Joe Biden Directs US Intelligence to Investigate Latest Ransonware Attacks

After hackers hijacked the software of the Miami IT provider Kaseya, the president of America, Joe Biden wants to take action against ransomware attacks. The attacker got access to encrypted files of around 200 customers with hundreds of US companies affected by the attack. Biden said on Friday that he had ordered an investigation into the use of Florida's IT infrastructure.

Joe Biden said in a public appearance that he had hired US intelligence services to investigate the matter. He further added that if Russia should appear to be the one behind the ransomware attacks, the US would intervene.

Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya, told the media that the company had discovered the vulnerability and will release the patch as soon as possible so their customers can get back to normal procedures.

Crypto Sector Under Investigation 

Biden's statement came after the US State Department's Assistant Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland made comments on the hacking incident in the colonial pipeline. Regarding her talks with El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele, Newland said the US State Department is "seriously examining" bitcoin after the Colonial Pipeline ransomware hack.

After ransomware gangs exploited the system, the infrastructure of the US energy company Colonial Pipeline collapsed in May. Colonial Pipeline then paid the hacker 75 Bitcoins (BTC) to bring their infrastructure back online. However, in early June, US law enforcement officials announced that they had recovered most of the funds (63.70 BTC) originally intended to go to members of the ransomware gang.

Before the Kaseya hacking, the Biden government had already issued the "Memorandum on the fight against corruption as a "Core United States National Security Interest” in the first week of June. Biden's policy to federal agencies put cryptocurrencies in the spotlight, and the government stated that the policy is designed to strengthen national security.

Members of the Kaseya Hacker Response Team said on Fridays that the violations resulted in countless ransom demands being sent to all infected companies. Reuters reported that customers affected by the Kaseya ransomware attack received requests ranging from "a few thousand dollars to five million dollars or more."

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