PublishOx Withdraws to KuCoin!

PublishOx Withdraws to KuCoin!

hey mates!

PublishOx and kuCoin have signed an agreement to withdraws your AMPL and ETH to kuCoin Exchange. 


Why was this?

The idea behind, more or less, is PublishOx is spending more money in paying fees than in paying to the authors.

So in order to have a win-win between Publish0x and the authors, Publish0x has signed an agreement with kuCoin to save the fees in the withdraws.

How is this agreement impacting you?

There are two main scenarios:

- if your withdraws are setting up to a kuCoin account (AMPL and ETH):

  • the minimum amount to withdraws is relaxed for your AMPL and ETH: $0.5 in AMPL and ETH, respectively
  • The withdraws are weekly for AMPL and ETH
  • You can benefit to get 10% more of the amount of your withdraws if you choose this option during the next two weeks.
  • you can access to the whole kuCoin tools to trade with your tokens. As an idea, you can exchange your AMPL or ETH to another token as USDT, and after that, send it to another exchange, wallet, or whatever.
  • kuCoin is KYC-free for small amounts, the fees are low.
  • you can withdraw your cryptos to another address but take into account the fees. For instance, if you use the Tron network the fees are really small. The Tron network is only available for some cryptos, for example, USDT.,

withdraw to

- if your withdraws are to another address different than kuCoin:

  • the minimum amount to withdraws is high for your AMPL and ETH: $5 worth of both ETH and AMPL, and 2$ for FARM
  • The withdraws are monthly for AMPL and ETH, and every two weeks for FARM


My thoughts about AMPL withdraws into kuCoin

I'm going to try it. Now you can't do anything with your AMPL, so if you can trade with them in kuCoin, at least you can earn something.

trade ampl


exchange ampl


My thoughts about ETH withdraws into kuCoin

For the ETH maybe you have better options if you send it to your wallet or whatever, but remember that for the next weeks, the withdraws limits to send to another address than kuCoin is 5$ in ETH which is really really difficult to reach it. So in the end, sending ETH to the kuCoin maybe is the unique option to withdraw it. I'm going to try it too, I don't have 5$ in ETH to send it to my wallet.


Maybe as you like or not, you have to use kuCoin if you want to get something from Publish0x. 


Let's see in the next weeks if it's good or bad!

Let your comments below!



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