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pipeflare: small tips every day in zcash

Pipeflare: small tips every day in ZEC (zcash)

If you want to earn a small tip every day... pipeflare is your place. You don't have to spend so much time... believe me. 



Create a new user account and set up the wallet. In this case, you have to provide a zcash address. You can use coinbase, metamask, or whatever to provide one. Once you have provided your address... you are ready to earn your daily tips!!!

zcash coinbase

come on!

What do you have to do?

simply click a claim button and that is

pipeflare claim botom

Every day the claim button is enabled and if you click it you will earn a small amount of ZEC

earn pipeflare


The app will send you automatically the tips to your address in minutes.

Each day you returned to the page, you will get a little bit more of your tip.

daily rewards

This is my coinbase account with the details receiving ZECs

zec earning

Here is my referral account  just in case you want to try it.

Keep in mind that is no so much money, it's a tip, but it's so easy and you don't have to spend more time doing it. One minute or less a day...

However, In pipeflare you can earn more playing games and more... it's really complete


And that is!!!

Please, let me your comment below!!!

Thanks, and enjoy! ;)


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It's all about crypto
It's all about crypto

It's all about crypto

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