Coinbase PRO: Associate your bank account to withdraw funds

Coinbase PRO: Associate your bank account to withdraw funds

Hey mates! 

I'm using Coinbase Pro to trade for some tokens, and I would like to explain to you how to associate your bank account to withdraw funds

Associate your bank account

Go to your menu and look for the bank option. Click it and you will see a window like this. I have two and this moment, but you have to create a new one. 

coinbase bank account

Click in the link new account blue button

coinbase bank account new

After that, you will see a window like this:

coinbase bank account sepa

coinbase bank account details

You have to fill the form with your bank account details: 

  • the bank name
  • the IBAN code, for example, something like ESXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX, the long bank account
  • the BIC code, for example, something like INGDESMMXXX, CECAESMM048 or whatever, depending on your bank.

you have to look at this info in your bank account. It's really easy to find it.

Ok, once you have filled it you have to verify your account. Remember your account has to able to do SEPA transfers. FYI, more or less, SEPA transfers are international transfers.

Verify your account

once you have filled your account, you have to verify it. Click in the verify button.

coinbase bank account verify

and you will see this window

coinbase bank account verify 2

So what's next? go to your bank and fill the form to order a SEPA or foreign exchange or international transfer... every bank account has a different name.

Transfer to verify: example from Ingdirect bank account to coinbase bank account

Go to the transfer option, and choose international transfer

coinbase bank account transaction

Choose your origin or from account, after that choose destination or to account. Fill it with the info provided in the previous paragraph, from the coinbase bank window:

In our case, the Ingdirect bank has filled the BIC by themselves, you have to see if the BIC is more or less the same is provided for the coinbase bank window to be sure that everything is alright.

coinbase bank account transaction

The third step is filling the amount, 1 euro is enough, and the CONCEPT or REFERENCE with the coinbase reference (the most important thing to don't forget it) provided for the coinbase bank window. That's all. 

coinbase bank account transaction

In two days more or less you will have a message to confirm everything was alright. The amount you sent is automatically returned to your coinbase account. Don't worry about it.



Nothing more from my side. Thanks for reading me. Comment below if you like.



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