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BCHPad on smartBCH

BCHPad on smartBCH

Hey there!

I would like to talk about a launcher called BCHPAD on the smartBCH:

¿What is a launcher on DEX?

It's a platform to incubate a new project, that is, it's a platform to get funds before starting to work the project. The idea behind is to do a pre-sale giving some advantages to the investors over the project. The advantages could be a profitable starting price.

¿What does the point to do this?

The point is, when the project starts, the project has a token with a market value from the first moment on the market. The project has a big support from the investors and the community from the beginning.

Some examples

BCHPad is a really young project. At this moment only has hosted four projects: BCHPad, 1BCH, Ashcoin and fire.

These tokens are in the market now, you can see more into the



Mainly do your own research of the project, it's a really new project so you have to be carefully. I hope this article can help you.


Advantages programs:

Personal projects:

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It's all about crypto
It's all about crypto

It's all about crypto

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