Crypto News For 2020

By Costa_WN | lifehacks | 24 Dec 2019

(ROME)-The new year it's closer and exactly in 1 week and an half we will celebrate the 10th year of Bitcoin existence (3 january 2020). This year the crypto community has expanded worldwide (including me) and many people are getting used with the cryptos, except for something:

  • Our wallets are anonymous but analyzing forums and communities the young generation Is still out from this world and talking with many colleagues I recognized that there Is also  a lot of skepticism about investing in general nowadays.
  • Lot of people think that actually investing in cryptos like Bitcoin or Ethereum it's trading.. and yes it is obviously.. but what they don't know it's that this Is the most profitable market talking about long terms.
  • Yet there are no wallets that can protect against cyber attacks. I'm so sad looking at the stats about all the milions stolen just this year and I'm thinking what would have happened if many wallets cared first about the security of their clients and not just about expanding their community

Looking beyond I think It will be a great year and I hope that knowledge about crypto will keep expanding worldwide, including students, farms and industries that will make our dream concrete. 

Wish to all the community a Merry Christmas and an happy new year! I will keep posting to share my thoughts and news that I find, if you can follow It would be great!351665157-db4db866e40c3772c58afb57a19d2dcc6b340260f7e38935bd534ad069e3f41d.jpeg


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