By MRyan | Lifecanbecrazy | 7 Feb 2023

While shopping for a birthday gift for my husband I was curious.  I thought to myself, “Will all X-Box one games work on his Xbox X?” 

If so this will open my options because there were many games on clearance.  I could buy several instead of just one.  😊

I started looking on Presearch (A search engine site that pays me in crypto currency to search on it) Of course, it didn’t disappoint me on this Xbox search either.

Presearch found a Reddit post with a list of games that are NOT compatible are. 

Backwards from what I was thinking but still worked.  Process of elimination and all that.  (I will add the list below for your reference). 


I found in my Presearch that the issue with compatibility is the Kinect games feature.  Xbox doesn’t support the Kinect games that were created to be used in older versions of X-Box and X-Box One.  So, the bottom line is, if an old Xbox game uses this Kinect feature it will not work for Xbox X.   Most shops do not accept returns of video games.  I have learned this the hard way #x%2*~$!    Now I research options I don’t simply wing it.

This list is not all of them but quite a few.  I will link the Reddit post about this list for your reference.  Hopefully it will be as helpful to you as it was for me.  I am not a gamer myself so I rely on a few tips here and there from gamers to buy good gifts for my husband and our family.




I get no affiliate marketing money for this article about Xbox, I simply thought the information was useful and wanted to share.  

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