Illusion or Reality

By MRyan | Lifecanbecrazy | 17 Jan 2023

Looking at the photo below would you say this is an optical illusion?

Photo shopped?   Do you sea a ladies face?  Look again ...


Two Lovers Point/ sea a lady's face?


If you say yes, photo shopped, wrong answer. Because this photo is REALITY  it was taken by my friend Rachael, in Guam. 

It’s called “Two Lovers Point”  It’s a well known seaside cliff in Tamuning, Guam that overlooks norther Tumon Bay. “Two Lovers Point” also known as Lover's Cliff, and Lover’s Point, depending on who you’re talking with.  It is located in the northern part of Guam. It is said that there was once a pair of lovers who committed suicide here because their family objected to their marriage. But now it is a scenic spot to see the mountains and the sea.

The long version of the story compliments of


220px-Two_lovers_point_%2880103943%29.jpg Two Lovers Point is a dramatic limestone cliff

A popular Guam folktale recounts how two lovers who were not allowed to be together by society tied their hair and leapt to their deaths from Puntas Dos Amantes rather than be apart. However, the details of the story have changed considerably since it was first recorded by French explorer Louis de Freycinet in 1819. In Freycinet's recounting, a man of the high-caste matao fell in forbidden love with a woman of the lower-caste manachang. They wandered in the wilderness eventually burying their infant in a stone cairn. In despair, they climbed to the top of a steep peak by the sea, tied their hair together, and, holding one another, jumped to their deaths. During Guam's Spanish colonial period, the location was called Cabo de los Amantes (Lovers’ Cape).

However, the popular modern retelling includes the Spanish history of the island: once there was a beautiful young woman from Hagåtña who was the daughter of a Spanish businessman and a prominent woman who was herself the daughter of a maga’låhi, or great Chamorro chief. The woman ran away from home after learning that her father had arranged her marriage to a Spanish ship captain. On the north shore of Guam, she met and fell in love with a young and gentle Chamorro man. She eventually returned home with the promise that she would return to him. However, the woman's father was angry when he learned of his daughter's lover and demanded she immediately marry the Spanish captain. She ran away at sunset that day and met her Chamorro lover. But her father, the captain, and all of the Spanish soldiers pursued them to the high cliff above Tumon Bay. Cornered, the two lovers tied their long black hair into a single knot, kissed, and threw themselves from the cliff, to the horror of the soldiers.

My friend will be there, for work, two more years and has invited my family to visit them while they are living there.  Who knows I may have my own photos to share, not just Rachels.  She was happy I was sharing her picture and this story.


I get no affiliate marketing money for this article about Guam, I simply thought the photo was cool and wanted to share.  I am not a travel agent nor have ever been to Guam, after seeing this I may add Guam to my travel list. 

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