Happy Hanukkah

By MRyan | Lifecanbecrazy | 20 Dec 2022

This is an odd subject for me to write about, as I am Catholic.

However, my husband and I have a Jewish friend and he is teaching us about his ways.

This year Hanukkah began 2 days ago, Dec 18 2022.  Our friend is in a nursing home.  He prefers the term "Independent living home." When we visited him all the decorating was about Christmas.  While that is our holiday, and the décor was so beautifully done, we sympathized with him for a lack of décor surrounding Hanukkah.  

That being said we decided to visit and take him 8 small wrapped gifts.  I had researched, by research I am talking about a Presearch, similar to google but it earns me crypto  "Pre" coins when I use it rather than google. 

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It is a Hanukkah tradition to open a small gift for the 8 days leading up to Dec 25th.  From Dec 18th to the 25th

Much to our surprise there was a woman at this independent living retirement home, she is 102 years old!  She looks like she in her late 60's early 70's still gets around with a cane. She had broke down in tears on day one of Hanukkah to find out there was no recognition of it there.  Management quickly put together a nice table décor and each night they are lighting a cancel on the menorah for the only two Jewish residents.  This elderly lady and our friend. 

We showed up last night to deliver his bag of gifts and they were just about to light the menorah.  We planned to surprise him with a bag of gifts but the surprise was on us.  We were able to attend this Menorah lighting service. 


The 102 year old woman had said she wished people still did the Menorah lighting service in Hebrew like the old days.  At that our friend said 

I can read Hebrew, a nurse passed him her phone.  She had used her phone to look up the traditional prayers in English / Hebrew.  Our friend recited prayers in English also in Hebrew.   Everyone looked so happy.




My take away from this I decided to share here today:

We ALL need to be more tolerant of each other.

There are so many different people in our world.

Rather than hate and gossip, or judge others take a moment

to learn about their ways.  This doesn't mean you have start living like them.

Simply be tolerant and accepting.  If they are not harming anyone, "live and let live" this holiday season.







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