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Sunset on a beautiful afternoon at Dunbeg Beach on the West Coast of Scotland

By Hoosie | Life, travel, etc | 27 Dec 2021

I went for a walk to Dunbeg Beach on the West Coast of Scotland just as the sun was setting today. I went mainly to get some exercise considering the amount I had eaten over the Christmas period !  I was lucky enough to hit the beach at quite a good time and took a number of pics just as the sun was setting over the islands (Mull & Lismore).


The beach is fairly small (say 400m wide) and is often deserted.  The lights are from ships out at sea.  From the beach you look straight out down the Firth of Lorn over to the isle of Lismore and then Mull.  The clouds at the back are covering the mountains on Mull.


The shot above was taken from the headland just above the beach (its a small climb).  The black 'line' you can see out to see to the left of of the left most light is a salmon fish farm.  Salmon farming is quite common on the West Coast.


The pic above is a similar view again taken from an old seawater pump house that used to supply sea water to the research aquarium at the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS), which is also located on the headland.  


The picture above looks back inland to the new houses built just above the beach - which was looking quite nice with some orange from the sunset and the dramatic clouds above starting to roll in from the south east.


The shot above shows the conic and curved nature of the beach.  Seals and birds (herons, ider ducks and many seabirds) are quite common, and I've also seen deer on the beach along with a sea otter.  People regularly go wild swimming here - the temperature is pretty cold at this time of year though- so hats of to them, I'm told old for it !

Its a beautiful wee beach which has fantastic views.  I've been down there many times and it never seems to disappoint !

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Life, travel, etc
Life, travel, etc

Misc stuff related to travel and life.

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