How I feel, how I really feel a.k.a The Bear Market Anthem

How I feel, how I really feel a.k.a The Bear Market Anthem

By Searching for Truth | Life Sucks | 20 May 2021

Yesterday when I woke up, I had this catchy song in my mind(it's a old song from the 70s) and then i saw the bitcoin price, after the heart attack even today the song is still in my head . The original text is kind of lame,  so I wrote my own text and it's a Fucking Masterpiece 😁. I beg you pardon for my grammatical errors, I wrote it in a hurry(while I had work break)  and I hope u like it. I would suggest to open the YouTube link in the background(I don't own the content)  while you're reading my text.


When you wake up, just to go to work

You hate the system, and think this Shit is just absurd

You feel like life rapes you're butt and you never will be free, then you should know,

You are not alone


You are just like me


When u have hope in freedom and prosperity, u believe in bitcoin and alts so that u can be free


And then Elon rapes your butt and you're still unhappy 


Then you should know you are just like me

When u lay on the ground, course life raped your butt


You lost all hope and feel like a slut

Then Chinese banks come around and kick you while you're down

I know Godzilla is not Chinese, but he's Asian-that counts

Other traders make Pussy moves

and it hits you on the ground


Life is a slut,  it's hard but it's not fair

others try to shittin  u and they act like they do care

They try to tell you "you're already free"  but you disagree

Yes You disagree, cause you are like me

Nanna na na na na na na na Brothers and sisters put your middlefingers in the air

Na na na na na na na na na

If you don't like this song and u down vote me

Conceive this three words-Fuck you endlessly


Life is not beautiful, it's meaningless and for most of us not free

If you understand than you're just like me.

Na na na na na na na na na(screaming angryly) put your lighters up

na na na na na na na na na.... 

There is no karma, no justice and I'm not happy

The rich get richer and the poor never will be free

Manipulation, injustice and they are shittin u and me

If you understand, then you're just like me

Na na na na sing along everybody  na na na na na.... 


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Searching for Truth
Searching for Truth

This whole world is nothing but lies,lies,lies! LIES! Lemme show you what I like to call the truth! The truth called 'DESPAIR!-Hazama; BlazBlue

Life Sucks
Life Sucks

Bad Things Happen all the Time,here are some examples

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