Transforming All Aspects of Life Through Creating

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I'm amazed at how transformative the music creation process is.

It's allowed me to grow in all other areas of my life, as I have had to increasingly become balanced and aligned with my creative purpose.

I've grown so much through my creation process, which has been humbling, exciting, and sometimes even frustrating.

Becoming organized and focused, especially where there are so many distractions in life has been a journey for me.


I've had to realize that nothing happens over night, and that repetition and persistence are the keys to manifestation. It's only when I have fully memorized and mastered a song that I feel comfortable enough to record it or perform it live.

The constant practice and aim to better understand and integrate my only music has led to growth in all other areas of my life, as I'm required to be patient, focused, and diligent with creating, integrating and pushing my own boundaries.

Whatever you're creating in your life, remember that it's all about your focus and your persistence. Every idea is exciting at the beginning, but as you move through it and begin to make it real, you've got to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work.

Just remember how important that work is. It's everything! Your system, your flow, your own schedule can and must be mastered in order to master your craft, as well as your mind.

What are you creating and mastering right now?



Much love,
Bryan Divisions

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