My 'Magic' Reason For Giving Up Meat


September 2012. That was the last time I ate meat.

It only took me one day to give up meat, and after being a vegetarian, and now a vegan for years, I've noticed my reasoning has been fairly uncommon amongst many other vegans or vegetarians I've met. I believe any reason you have to give up meat is a good one, and I hope sharing my ideas will help others take the leap.

It wasn't a factory farm video, or a health documentary that was the catalyst for me. Nope. It was a realization I had while experiencing the beautiful medicine that is psilocin (i.e. the psychedelic component that make magic mushrooms 'magic')

"All energy is one"

I was reassured through infinite intelligence, God, the nature we call Earth, that all life is one. We on earth have ONE ecosystem, and for me to harm other beings directly affects me, just as how ingesting their suffering affects my energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical bodies.

Now here's the thing. Before my experience, I knew "everything was one". But because of this experience, I KNEW it. I really got it. This medicine was the difference between hearing about something, and experiencing it.

What I instantly realized is that there is no real space between you and I, that this planet we all live on is one organism, and that it is my responsibility to be as tuned in with nature as I can.

After this experience, I immediately gave up meat, as I understood what was happening at an energetic level. Why would I eat something that has had the emotional experience of fear, trauma, suffering, and pain? What is that doing to my body? To my mind? To my soul?

I immediately knew the answer.




Of what?

Mainly, the suppression of my ability to transcend my unconscious mind and be able to overcome my challenges, fears, doubts, and limitations.


Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 9.59.24 PM.png


"No More"

I knew I had to strive to achieve my highest potential, and it became clear that ingesting the energies of fear, trauma, and suffering would only suppress my own emotional bodies and block my ability to heal. It was obvious what to do, just stop eating meat.

But was it easy?

Resoundingly, yes. It was extremely easy. I never liked red meat or seafood, so that was easy for me. My biggest weakness was chicken. But by thinking of and understanding how chickens are raised and the horrible experiences they go through in life, I would've rather eaten a rubber tire.

Beyond this, when I saw insects inside, even the "bad" ones like spiders and wasps, I'd grab a cup and a piece of paper in order to catch them and release them outside. Who was I to take them away from their purpose?

Discovering The Next Step

After meeting my girlfriend Jenny, I was introduced to veganism, and almost couldn't believe how I hadn't heard of it before. Essentially, all the proteins and fats in eggs and dairy are from the same source as meat, so I spent the next several months adjusting to this new level of my diet and eliminated all foods I had been eating with any source of animal products.

Now that I'm 3 years into being vegan, I can truly say I feel great and have made the right choice for my body.

The energy I am putting in my body is no longer contaminated by fear and suffering. Instead I am receiving more light due to the plants and vegetables I eat. At the end of the day, this is the true source of what we need to survive. Our diets are overloaded with calories due to food manufacturers making a fortune off of us, so questioning what we need to thrive is always a good choice to make.


Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 10.00.38 PM.png



I am extremely grateful for my experience and truly recommend everyone cooks themselves a plant based meal, and while eating, feel and realize the difference of what you're consuming energetically compared to meat. Let me know in the comments below if you've shared any similar experiences!


Thank you for reading!

Much love
Bryan Divisions

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