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Financial Affirmations for Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Affirmations and auto-suggestions help to focus our consciousness and thoughts on what we wish to desire for ourselves. As I've grown in many areas of my life, visualization, focusing, and affirmations have helped me to manifest new realities for myself and bring forward my desires.

As finances rule much of our lives, I spend many morning of my week focusing and writing my financial affirmations, which allow me to remind myself of my true thoughts and feelings about money, as well as inspire new ones.

I hope that reading these here will also help bring abundant and positive perspectives on money into your subconscious, so please enjoy!


Financial Affirmations for Wednesday, February 10, 2021

  • I have enough and more.

  • I am abundant yet also content. There is nothing that I need, for I have everything that is already required for me to live a beautiful life.

  • Through organization I achieve financial mastery. I keep track of my income and expenses to understand the flow of my monetary energy and currency.

  • I am a master at moving energy and moving money. Once I allow money in, I then move it into the proper accounts for my bills, expenses, and investments.

  • I know that wealth lies within my mind, and that any external factors and manifestations of that wealth all started from my thoughts and beliefs.

  • My ability to receive, save, and invest money is a direct reflection of my mind state, perspective and the belief system of my abundance.

  • The more abundant my thoughts, the more abundant my external reality. The more abundant my external reality is, the more abundant my thoughts become. This becomes a feedback loop that builds on itself, compounds, and creates an unstoppable force.

  • I have overcome poverty consciousness and have achieved a new state of being for my entire spirit.

  • As my wealth increases, my lifestyle and expenditures do not. I value being conscious of prices and where my money is invested. Because there are so many material things that I do not need, I know the best use of my money is for peace of mind and to create a cool, calm, and collected composure.

  • I value all of the lessons that scarcity consciousness has given me. All of the financial struggles I’ve been through, as well as my ability to earn and find my value, have all given me the foundation to become abundant.

  • My goal is not to become rich, for I already am rich. I am rich in heart, mind, spirit, and love. The amount of money and material wealth I own is only an external mirror of the virtues which I possess inside.

  • I know the most important way that I can earn money is through my passion and my skills. By earning money doing what I love to do, and creating the things I wish to create I unlock the key to unlimited abundance. There is no desire to retire, as I am living out the work that I wish to look back upon with joy and gratitude.


Much love,
Bryan Divisions

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