Financial Affirmations for Sunday, April 25th, 2021

Throughout my week I reflect on affirmations and mindsets about money, income, and finances, and share them here with you here on LeoFinance. I hope these thoughts help you as they've helped me!



  • Debt must be paid down and eliminated. The less debt, the more freedom.
  • Money comes in and flows to us when we're open to sharing our skills with the world. The more open we are to sharing, the more in demand our services will be.
  • Multiple income streams provide exposure to different streams of commerce, and therefore take an individual out of a basic one track linear timeline. Money can come in at any time when open to multiple income sources.
  • The more I desire, the more I need. The less I desire, the less I need. If we always want a new car, new clothes, new fancy things, then the money we earn never true goes to anything substantial and timeless.
  • We trade our time, energy, and skills for money, so it's best to trade our money for things which will give us our time and energy back in new ways.
  • Experiences are one of the best ways to invest money into the immortal time of learning something new and broadening one's horizons.
  • Whatever we desire, we can achieve. But what must be done in the middle to reach that achievement? Hard work, persistence, and tenacity must remain throughout. Because of this, we must focus on goals that will truly change our life for the better, otherwise we can effectively waste our time and energy on purely depreciating material goods.
  • Money equals energy. The type of energy output that attracts money is sharing skills and ideas with others.
  • The amount of money we earn must be utilized to accomplish goals to change our lives. Simply moving through life unconsciously working and spending is not enough. We must be focused and driven.
  • More money will only amplify who someone already is. Money is not evil, but can bring out evil qualities in an evil person. Likewise money is not good, but can bring out loving and light based qualities in a good person.


Much love,
Bryan Divisions

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Bryan Divisions
Bryan Divisions

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Life, Art, Spirituality, and Consciousness

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