Financial Affirmations for Saturday, February 27, 2021

Financial Affirmations for Saturday, February 27, 2021

Another great day lies ahead. Here are my financial affirmations from this morning. Hopefully these resonate with you as well, and help prime your subconscious for an abundant day today!




  • I know that my true wealth resides within my mind. I must feel comfortable within my own self before I can feel comfortable with any amount of riches or wealth.

  • I have excepted abundance consciousness in replace of scarcity consciousness. I know there is always enough, and more.

  • I allow in multiple amounts of income streams by offering multiple skills, passions, and services to the world.

  • I do not limit myself or hold myself back from what I offer. If I enjoy it and it’s something that other people can enjoy, I share my abundance.

  • I know that I can earn money by doing what I love to do. Because of this, I make it a primary expression of myself and my energy.

  • At any moment throughout the day, money can come into my account from the sale of the products and services I offer the world.

  • At any moment throughout the day, I can stumble upon a new income stream or a new way to earn money in my reality.

  • I know that there are not many things that I need to buy in this life, therefore I do not waste money on frivolous things. Instead I focus on earning as much money as I can, and investing that money into ideas and projects that I believe will make the world a better place, thus bringing abundance to myself and others.

  • All expenses are paid for. I.e. There’s always enough money to pay for my living expenses.

  • I have made an effort to keep my expenses low. Because of this, the amount of money that is required for me to live every month is extremely easily acquired.

  • As the weeks go by, I earn more money doing what I love to do. This allows me to step away from the projects and the jobs that I no longer love doing.

  • I pay my basic bills and invest the rest of my money, for I have everything I need in this moment and do not require any new material goods or possessions to be peaceful or to be happy.

  • My time is my most important resource and my most important output of energy. By acknowledging this, I convert my time and energy into work that I enjoy doing. When I receive money from that work, I convert that money into investments and stores of value that will remain within my life and grow as the days go by.

  • I have excepted abundance and know that it is here. I know that I can never achieve all of my desires, because here will always be new ones. Therefore I focus on the most meaningful ones to be accomplished, and place my energy into achieving those.


Much love,
Bryan Divisions

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Bryan Divisions
Bryan Divisions

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Life, Art, Spirituality, and Consciousness

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