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Quarantine Diaries: The Girl Next Door

By troynamps | Life Opinions | 14 Apr 2020

Dear Diary

Prior to this home arrest I have been blind. I was barely at home. Thus I had no perfect idea of what was going on. Man, a lot has changed.
To begin with, my old grumpy neighbour moved to the old people's home. In his house now lives the fairest damsel I have ever seen. I heard she's his granddaughter and she's been around for months. Imagine, months and I just noticed today.
Only this morning I was looking for hand sanitizer. I walked into the kitchen and gazed into my neighbor's garden wondering when I last saw the grumpy old guy. It's really been a while. Our last was the day when he scolded my cousin for kicking his ball into his yard. We had quite an exchange of words then. His existence never bothered me ever since.
Then she came out, the girl next door. Blonde, model body with a swing in her step and probably carefree. She looks fabulous, the kind that would challenge my testosterone reasoning capacity. I stared more than enough and she caught me in the act of admiration. She smiled and waved at me.
"Hello Stranger," I said to myself feeling stupid to be caught off guard. I raised my arm to wave and smiled back without thinking.  I want to talk to her. Do you think this is how people fall in love at first sight?

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