The Genesis

By wabinab | life_lessons | 24 Apr 2022

For the first light that breaks through dawn, penetrates through the gaps between the clouds, and shines upon the marred land: a new era begins. We call it "The Genesis".


"Hmm, what shall I do today?"

Do you ask that question when you wake up everyday? Or perhaps the day before or even days before if you plan ahead of time? Do you have your own time, that you can choose what to do for the day? Or do you think it's even a luxury to ask that question? Your days are filled with errands that others has assigned you, that you don't even have hours for yourself? That to do something you like or to meet with your friends, you "squeeze" time out of your schedule?

Time is a luxury. My days are numbered; yours are numbered too; all of us have numbered days. Face it, we will die one day, no matter you agree or run away from the thought; whether you feel okay or intense distress at the sign of thinking you'll die one day. With numbered days comes appreciation: appreciate that you still have another day to live, appreciate that you have another day to do something that you like (or don't like), and appreciate that you still have what is with you: your possessions, your health, your self. Time is a luxury, whether we waste it or not, invest it or not, do something or not; it still walk its way, undisturbed by any actions we perform.

"Did we do something that makes a difference in others' life?"

How about this question? The world is getting better; and there are many people whom wants to work in something that makes a difference. Perhaps a startup or project that makes a difference in others' life, perhaps joining a community like Effective Altruism (EA) that strives to solve some of the worlds' most challenging problems emerging from different cause areas, or just trying to make a difference in someone's life around you. Does it matter anyway?

Well, depends. Earth will still rotate with or without your presence; it seems like your difference can't be big. A group of people striving for the same cause might make a larger difference, significant enough to be visible. Even if you don't do it, someone will take your place and do it. And if you do it, others might or might not join you. Generally, someone will try to solve others' problems, or larger problems like Climate Change: perhaps working in these areas might motivate you to continue working on. Perhaps, the thought that you can make a difference, keeps you moving on.

It's an irony. For someone dedicated his/her entire lifetime towards a larger cause, he/she would not have time for people around him/her. It's a sacrifice; a sacrifice that sees from others' perspective, worth a million Pounds. Because of his/her sacrifice, we don't have to sacrifice; and with our reluctance to sacrifice pushes a God-like feature to make the sacrifice. It doesn't matter if he/she does not have a life of his/her own; we made the figure God-like: and a God-like feature doesn't need his/her life, at least from our perspective. If he/she does, then who shall serve us?

It's not always the way though. Someone certainly will join the movement and sacrifice themselves too. In a group, the God-like feature suddenly feels what he/she did is worthwhile after all; he/she had started the movement of mass sacrificial, whether to make the world a better place or not. It's a comparison: when there are others whom are in as bad a situation as yours, how will you dare to make your situation better than others, and leave the others below yourself?

It's a choice. For one is selfish, and would want ensurity of one's life and the ecosystem around oneself; then only ensuring those of the larger population, of the whole world. It's what give ones' life meaning. If someone shall change my mind to care about those in the larger population at the expense of oneself, perhaps there's no point of continue living on, at least in one's perspective. Enough of oneself, others don't have to think the same. Everyone have their meaning in life, what define things as worth or not compared to the sacrifices made, and what they want to achieve in lifetime. The direction pushes them forward, and happily, continue on with what they strives to do.

When a person of selfishness meets a person of selflessness, it's difficult to become friends. The latter has dedicated so much time into selflessness that, only those whom stays with them, have longer interaction time together. During activities, they enjoy time together during breaks. To have a deeper relationship that demands from each other outside of activities? It's miracle. Tell me, if you're a selfless person, how do you maintain this relationship? No answers like: "find new friends whom fit" nor "it's not gonna happen" and its equivalent allowed: these are evading tactics, my way or the highway; not a solution to solve this problem. The former leaves at least one party in desolation; the latter, not sure until tried out. Human is too complicated, anyways, to simulate.

It can be worse: when you live for others. For you yourself whom can't decide what to do, others shall decide for you. For others can create things for you to do and serve their needs. For others can create lots of things for you to do, so you have no time for yourself. For others can create lots and lots of things for you to do, to ensure that you shall continue working for them, by ensuring that you do not have time to even stop and think for yourself. The numbness of continue on and on ensures that their profits are maximized. You want to find a more relax job? Sorry, I'll assign you these and these stuffs and pile up your work so you don't have time to find another job, nor even think about getting another more relax job. You want to go on a holiday? Remember to keep your phones on so we can keep on updating you with jobs and ensure that you shorten your holiday, get back as quick as possible, and ping you every hour so you won't have time to think about changing job: we won't give you real holidays, that's not profitable.



In conclusion, we don't have that much time as we think we have. We're not immortals, and days counts. The next day you wake up, appreciate for what you have, and that you have another day. We don't know when we might die: the world are full of accidents, and we can't say we're lucky enough to not be the focus in an accident. Anyone can be the focus of an accident, including oneself, yourself, and others. While you don't regret, appreciate, for the first light that breaks through dawn, penetrates through the gaps between the clouds, and shines upon the marred land; a new day begins! The Genesis.


Word (that gets highlighted red, perhaps not in English Dictionary):

  • Ensurity: From "Ensure", assurance of something. "ensurity of one's life" means "to ensure that one's life is (first) fulfilled (the needs/wants)".


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