Accepted or Rejected? Both feels nervous.

By wabinab | life_lessons | 28 Feb 2022

Have you ever tried to reach out making new boy/girl-friend? Have you ever tried to stand in front of the stage to speak for the first time in your life? Have you ever approach a situation that you try your hardest trying to avoid? Most importantly, have you ever watch your feelings while you're making your decisions (from a "third/fourth person perspective")? At least, one feels nervous during these situations. One feels afraid of success, and afraid of rejection, at the same time. 

People varies differently. Perhaps you're more outgoing, so you feel less or even none of these. Perhaps you're "ingoing", then you feel nervousness very immensely. The feeling tells you strongly that, "please, don't step ahead, it's dangerous ahead, you know!"; and your mind elaborates on that: "What if you are rejected? People would think you're immensely dumb. What if you are successful? You'd have to pick up these jobs and responsibilities that you don't need to before you're successful. So please, don't pursue!" 

What can we do in these situations? (This is not only an advice to others, but an advice for myself too)

Approach them head on

Really, one had tried to get away from them (and still getting away from some of them), and it doesn't work. They might be forgotten, but at times they came back to haunt oneself, having a nervousness-rush (a feeling that fills your body with nervousness intensely, either for short period of time or keeps you in the loop and you might not be able to get out in a short period of time). Especially in the longer-term sense, it's not worth (in most situations) simmered in the danger that doesn't exist physically. 

Hence, shall we face it head on. Directly approach the problem and then, leave the rest to fate. Whether or not you'll be successful, or failed, doesn't really matter here. What matter is every time you face them head on, you gain more confidence that you can get through it, despite of what the end results are. If you're successful, you believe next time you try it, you'll also be successful. If you failed, you watch yourself now, still alive and not losing anything too much, you believe the next time you try, you won't really get into a dangerous situation. It's the best course of action to take in this situation. 


The feeling never cease; at least one still feels that till today. It's never going away from myself. What one can only do, is to go forward and take actions, and leave the rest to fate (or God if you're a God-believer). Fate (God) will decide whether one shall proceed on or not. 

(P.S. comment is on for you guys to discuss and share, but it's highly probable that one won't reply to them). 

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