Having a child during a Pandemic...

By Earn With Hatty | Life is Love | 13 Jul 2020




Right now is probably the worst time to be having a kid. When we decided to get pregnant we did not have any worries in the world other then the normal financial and mental worries. Now though times have changed and you have to worry about every normal thing plus WW3, a pandemic, fake news, a dumb president, and a corrupt government. 

I love my country don't get me wrong, but It is clear that our country needs to put some things in order to make sure we do not get infiltrated and we can stand up to a anything and anyone. 

I just had my little boy last night at 5:17pm! He is a healthy little guy and I believe he will be ready for whatever the world has to throw at him. 

When we first got to the hospital it was so quiet and no one was here. We went into the front doors and there was no one but a guard and one lady. They temperature checked us and then asked us why we were here. They brought us in and let us know where to go. Once we were in the room I was told I could not leave. If I did leave I would not be able to come back until tomorrow. Which I understand because of all of this shit going on and no one knowing what is really going on. 

My visit was definitely different and I would never want to do it again. The nurses and the doctors were amazing though and went above and beyond to help us and make us comfortable. 

Times are changing everyone and we need to be united through all of this. No matter what race or background or country you are from. We are fighting people who do not care about every day people. We need to unite and really see who our enemy is. If you do not know then god have mercy on your soul. 


Be safe everyone and please keep your heads up and be proud to be who you are. Lets unite and change the world. 

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