Family Roadtrip

By HattyHats | Life is Love | 24 Jul 2020

I remember back not to long ago you could take your family on a road trip and just have fun. Now a days things are no where near the same. 

I took my family out yesterday to go to Kings Island. The trip was fun but when we got to the hotel things were a little different. 

When I first walked in there is a sign on the door that says "Please wear Masks". Which is nothing new, but it just shows me there is no way to get away from this whole mess even if you just want to go away with your family. 


Well after all of that realization I went inside to go to our room. There are signs everywhere and it is just not the same. Do not get me wrong, I like how everything is so clean now but the circumstances are not good. 

They tell us the pool is open so we go swimming. Everything is fine because we have the pool to ourselves until another family walks in. My son starts freaking out and wanting to leave and run and put his mask on. The media has my son more terrified then he should be. His childhood has been ripped away by god knows by who or what agenda. 

Well after our stay at the hotel we were going to leave and head to Kings Island. Well once we are driving we are all talking and decide to not go. This whole thing has caused our normal lives to change. Things are not over and I think more is to come. Our lives are changing. Get ready for a bumpy ride everyone. 


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Life is Love
Life is Love

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