The old primers vehicle rolled to a completely silent stop,  its occupants perfectly still.

Convenient Misunderstandings

On a warm yet relatively comfortably breezy evening,  5 elite Safety Squad members pulled their Civil Defense Armoured Ford Moseley 5th Wheeler to the side of a residential cul-de-sac on the outskirts of Los Angeles proper. Father-dad Cade stumble down the safety ladder of the Moseley.  The jangle of his undone utility belt, the only sound above the low Humm of the halogen street lights. 

Elijah Lee Washington,  or more famously known as 'Sweet Willie Black' African American business magnate pulled into his sleepy master planned community.  Most notably recognized for his 'Sweet Wet Black Cemanis' chicken shack restaurant chain. 

What he first mistook for a robot urinating on his newly planted queen palm, Mr. Willie realized was a highly inebriated Civil Defense S.S Officer. He could not slow his rapidly increasing heartbeat in spite of himself.  Their armoured vehicle blocked his driveway . 

The following series of events led to the biggest "racially motivated" media sponsored riot in the history of Los Angeles.  

Mr. Elijah Washington slid his car into park. He reached into his glove box and grabbed one of his world famous white chocolate and maple chicken dessert breasts known as "Huwhite Flights", hecwas sure this Officer was in need of some sweet food medicine.  

Elijah approached the onyx armour clad entity. With that Tine Magazine 'Person Of The Year' smile that won him a great many mergers and acquisitions. He said 'good evening,  officer, I believe your vehicle is prohibiting me from entering my driveway '. 

The mirrored visor of Father-Dad Cade's helmet only shot back a circus fun house version of Sweet Willie's own face. Cade silently in the cool breeze of the late hours. "We appear to not be feeling well, Perhaps one of my famous "huwhite flights." Elijah the meat pastry towards the metallic darkness.  

- to be cont..... 

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I draw my creative writing energies from getting stabbed , rando gas station altercations, sinking my car in a lake , my love of cats and a heart-felt fascination with the shopping malls of my youth. I also randomly break the fourth wall in real life.

Life in the kali yuga
Life in the kali yuga

A series of short stories based on life in this rapidly changing Technocratic McSocialist Society. Like a speeding train smashing through the Mall Walkers Of America Competition, get your popcorn ready because it's too late to change the channel now. All featured artwork is by yours truly.

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