"I used to be a milk-toast fence sitter" -T.Pool

Convenient Misunderstandings Pt2

Maybe if Mr. Washington had just waited a few more moments. . Maybe 90% of Los Angeles wouldn't be engulfed in flames.

 Father-Dad Cade  Raised his hand to take the sweet meaty treat the man was giving him. Then the unthinkable happened. Cade's tactical weighted pants hit the ground with a thunk.

 A series of events happened in rapid succession:  At the moment the pants touchdown, Elijah instinctively leaned forward and down to pick up the fallen trousers. Father -Dad thrust quickly down, helmet visor slamming into Mr. Washington's nose. Anti shock technology immediately shattering Elijah's nose.

 The God like GQ cover worthy, perfectly wide yet still flat nose now a geyser of blood. 

 The loud crack of the Mosley's door flies open, a safety officer spewed out. The understandably confused enforcer stared awestruck at the scene transpiring. The lead officer stumbled to the ground with the 2nd officer out the door stumbling head over boots onto the lead officer. Vision of structed by his own blood, Elijah reaches upwards hoping to grab ahold of Cade's shoulder for balance as he was sure he was going to pass out from the blow. He blindly grabs and not a shoulder, but Father-Dad's penis meets his Palm. 

Father dad Cade instinctually recoils as Mr. Washington tugs at his unit blindly. The world  Up and above Cade as he slips on broken nose blood fluids. A moment later his 12 Gauge side arm landing hard 1/2 beneath him. It goes off. The blast removed half of Elijah's face along with the entirety of Father-Dad's penis, repurposing all articles of flesh like a skin rap across the hood of Mr. Washington's car.

 20 minutes after the alijah sweet black Washington murder trial live stream wherein all municipal safety squad officers were acquitted of all charges, Internet websites were hacked by a feminist extremist group calling themselves 'The Red McKanklesteins' (some ladies are red more than a few days a month.) The Red Kansas  Had kidnapped the US Olympic basketball dream team outside of Portland Oregon. Even before they got to the beheading of the team's centre, you could see the glow of property fires in the West Hollywood skyline.

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I draw my creative writing energies from getting stabbed , rando gas station altercations, sinking my car in a lake , my love of cats and a heart-felt fascination with the shopping malls of my youth. I also randomly break the fourth wall in real life.

Life in the kali yuga
Life in the kali yuga

A series of short stories based on life in this rapidly changing Technocratic McSocialist Society. Like a speeding train smashing through the Mall Walkers Of America Competition, get your popcorn ready because it's too late to change the channel now. All featured artwork is by yours truly.

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