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Early morning random thoughts are right here. It was a good night as I've overcome a bad headache after a good night sleep. Title of this article sounds really irresponsible right? But its not like that. Recently a post from social media grabbed my attention where a mother wrote her words. She got fed up because her child is unmanageable as a result many people surrounded her often judge her and compare her other mothers.

Her point of view as a mother was absolutely right that I agreed. She wrote that nature of kids are not same. Every child is unique, some are manageable and some are not so we can't judge a mother by comparing with other mothers having a manageable child. A mother also a human being, she also can get fed up when kids are unmanageable and when she fails to manage them it doesn’t mean that she is not a good mother.

So when head is mine, headache is also mine. Other people are just audience who can see and judge as we can't expect anything positive from them. We can't help them to be change but they at least should think before judging. Some good parenting tricks doesn’t work effectively on some kids. Parents shouldn’t be blamed because they tried their best and they didn’t stop trying being good parent. If we can't help them to manage their kids at least we can stop being so judgmental.

Let's come to the another point about the same topic. A girl in our society mostly mentally tortured to get married and make her realize that she is late for it. People surrounded her saying - when you'll get married? After age of 30 it will be tough for having child so don't be late for it. Do it now and so on. Sometimes we are so helpless to make them understand that everything is not on our hand. Our luck decide by Almighty and we should wait for the right time but No, people around you make you realize that you are late for it.

These so called concerned people will bring you to the road of frustration and you'll think the way they want you to think. Maximum time we should try to avoid such environment or place where these kind of people surrounded. We can't stop them for being over concerned about our life. So here our life is compared with the Head and headache compared with the problems in our life and that is absolutely our own, others are just an audience and ready to judge and comment.

Remedy of my headache is sleep. Likely solution of my problem is worry less. Being worried about future is silly because its unpredictable and being worried about unpredictable things absolutely not wise. But we can't help being worried mostly affect our body and mind. We can't let our mind disturbed by unpredictable future. Better avoiding over concerned people around us as much possible!

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