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Would You Like To give Loyalty Test?

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Let me guess your answer, you will reply that depends on whom and where we need to give loyalty test. A direct No or Yes can't be a right answer of this question. It will make you thinking before a reply that's really go with your personality and represent the real you. Well my answer will be little diplomatic because its neither a "NO" nor a "YES" and it will definitely depend on for whom and where the test is required.

A person who loves you, will definitely trust you and he/she doesn’t need to have a formal or arranged loyalty test because circumstances in life will show the loyalty and there arranging or planning a test is not required. On the other hand, if a person loves you, will try to pass the loyalty test to impress you and the test will be an automatic process not something that can be arranged or planned. It will depend on a lots of things.

Usually we always see something that we really want to see, we always believe something that we want to believe. Test is not required when you are with someone for a long time but it is important when you are with someone new and he/she really wants to come in your life. When you’ll tell them about the test they will be prepare for it and will perform the best to pass the exam but this is not a test that someone attend and pass it.

Situation shows the loyalty of a person and the all we need to wait for the right time. In arrange marriage both are unknown to each others and they need time to understand that how loyal the partner is! Anyone can label a person with loyalty tag but its need time to understand how loyal a person is! Many clever person take tests before they get into a serious relationship for lifetime but not necessary that the person pass the loyalty test once or twice already will be loyal for lifetime.

Be good to others that they can't help being loyal to you which means will show loyalty to you because you deserve the loyalty. Dog has good reputation as loyal animal and people already test their loyalty many times. A person will be loyal or not will depend on situation, circumstances, personality and the nature of a person. Being loyal is a good virtue and good people will be loyal, this is good part of personality and being loyal in relationship is really very important for living a peaceful life. Our loyalty doesn’t require test if we already showed loyalty many times in life.

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