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Unhappy Stomach


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Our body is connected to our mind. And these days I'm feeling uncomfortable for visiting a new place where we have hygienic problem. As a human being my body and mind is really very sensitive. It takes time to adjust a new environment. My father changed his house and here things are really messy like mosquitos around us disturbing all day long we take necessary steps but its hardly work effectively because mosquitos are huge.

Foods are not that healthy as a result my stomach got affected from last three days. I'm not feeling well mentally and physically. Waiting for the day when I can quit this place. Decide not to come back again here for such long time. Its okay when we visit such place for a day or max for three days but for ten days its disgusting. Its like prison and I don't like my life spending this way.

Can't share this unhealthy and uncomfortable condition so I'm writing about this today. When I write about my feelings it heals for a moment. Took early morning shower to feel better and very soon I'll start my online regular activities to be forgetful about such bad feelings around me and will try to overcome my uncomfort mentally that may help my stomach feel better.

Last two years I've not fall sick this way and these days my changing lifestyle affecting my stomach. There is another thing that also responsible for this and the reason is weather. These days temperature is pretty high. We are experiencing hot weather and it also affecting my body. Food habits are also responsible. Want to overcome this but one more week to wait to overcome it.

Who likes to fall sick? I think surely none. A healthy life is always expected to all and I believe that I can get back it when I'll be back to my comfort zone again. Just badly waiting for the day. Counting days everyday, six more days to go. Don't like to take medicine for these seasonal illness. Mostly when we visit others our food and lifestyle not according to us. As a result we eat things others prepare for us that doesn’t suit our body properly.

Falling sick is not my concern but when keeping fast it surely my concern. Feeling vomiting and taking medicine can hamper the fast but thankfully its not that serious. But its really seems long time I'm suffering. Three days long suffering from this unhappy stomach. Oily and unhygienic food habits affecting my body and also my mental stress and uncomfortable condition responsible behind this.



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