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Right now sitting inside the bus and its running to my destination for today. Well, its a date with someone special. We mostly plan for a day to travel together, have lunch and go back home. Its a kind of day outing. We try to catch up every month but for tight schedules we meet at least once in two months. We are dating each other this way since last five years. Time flies faster.

Most of the time we both follow a daily routine where our daily activities are same and boring too. So sometimes we need to have a change in our life. We plan for travelling. He brought the ticket yesterday and right now I'm inside the bus. I'm travelling with peace and when we meet, it seems we are bringing peace to each other. We are not in long distance but we don't want no distance in near future. May Almighty Allah allow us for this. Journey by bus, train or anything else I always enjoy and love.

Many people found get sick when travelling by bus and also found vomiting inside the bus but thankfully I don't have such problem and I always try to grab the window seat to enjoy the breeze and natural beauties around me. Bus is running or else I may took some pictures from the window though it kinda risky for my phone. But sometimes I capture photos from the window seat.

  Changes That The Journey Will Bring:

First of all, travelling refresh mood and chill my heart. It helps to be stress free. Enjoying cool breeze and there is a excitement inside that we going to spend quality time with someone special. This excitement also heal me or us. Travelling brings refreshment in life. It helps us overcome the regular boring life. So today I'm travelling to meet my special person in life and we going to enjoy the day full on.

Not only this, after travelling we may get tired but it boost our energy to work for upcoming days. It really very necessary that we come out from regular activities or else our mind may stacked. My concern is about laptop I've left to my room because there was no security and my device is in risk but I'm sure Almighty will take care of me and also my assets.

Right now I want to enjoy the travelling and hope for having good moments for the day.

Hope you all having a nice day over there!

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