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The Way Job Fair Helping Graduate Fresher And Others

Recently a finance related news grabbed my attention. Bangladesh's largest job portal site well known as arranged a job fair in educational Institute and this is not their first time. Once I've attended their job fair and enjoyed the CV dropping, it was two years ago when I was not so involved in freelancing and blogging on blockchain based sites. I've learned there experience of work is top priority and graduate in general subjects get less chance to grab a job than the vocational or technical subject graduates. That's very fair I think.

General subject graduates didn’t attend the practical and they don't know how to operate any kind of machine or device without any training when technical and vocational graduates has plus point for having practical knowledge of device or machine handling or operating. So that's the fact. An employer will surely give priority experience, skill, ability and creativity for sure and this is very expected. Career concerned fresher apply for the first time to see or experiment their guts and confidence level.

Let's come back to the point. Job fairs mostly offer company jobs where they need manpower so there still fresher’s has some opportunity but they shouldn’t expect big amount of salary. Fresher need training and a company invest money to train a fresher so they can offer a fair amount of salary for the job. Job seekers after finishing graduation remain unemployed because either they are satisfied with the salary for fresher or they are not confident enough to try something new. A fresher should focus on skill development and learn instead money. A new job could be a new experience to learn something and gather some experiences.


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Do you think these job fair websites has no benefit? A successful job seeking portal is a profitable business as website earning all the time. They surely sponsored by reputed brand or product and many companies taking part in this job fair for collecting CV from job seekers. According to local news this year in the job fair they had 25 thousands of CV dropping from job seekers and they are mostly unemployed for several years after completing graduation. Job holders mostly found unskillful job seekers who needs to work on their skill development.

Many jobs offer free training for a specific time duration like 3 to 6 months of training with a small or no salary, depends on policies of the company. The way these companies helping fresher is that they building skillful employees for work and when they are ready to work, they hired. So job fairs helping fresher earning their livelihood after being skillful and it takes only time and sometimes a little investment may required.

Job fair bringing earning opportunities at our doorstep. I didn’t attend interviews because I was not confident and also was less interested to job. I had interest in freelancing so I just attend job fairs to see how it goes. I saw many serious and skillful job seekers was dropping their CV for their desired jobs. A single candidate can apply for multiple jobs and he/she can fit in a perfect job they desired to have or choose. The Job portal offering online and offline CV dropping opportunity to all job seekers. And it has goal to arrange the job fair in different cities that many job seekers can reach them and attend interviews physically as many employer doesn’t prefer taking virtual interviews. No doubt that, Job fair is really very helpful and its playing a great role in our finance and economy as well.

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