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Sun Of Spring Act Like Sun Of Summer


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The angry sun from my window insists me to write about it. Its shining hard in this early morning. Can't sleep anymore because I woke up sweating. Fan is moving over my head but I was sweating. Its spring of summer? The sun made me confuse. Hot summer sun mostly sucks out but this morning the sun seems on mood to sucks.

Last night even almost all the night in this new place I can't sleep well. Either mosquitos bother or the allergy appear to spoil my sleep. So I try to sleep in the morning after the prayer in the dawn. But the hot sun didn’t allow me to sleep well in this morning. Our room mostly shine for having several windows. I like light and the cool breeze from my window. Bed beside window is really awesome. I also placed the table beside window and I feel good when cool breeze blown.

This sun scare me to go out. Without umbrella people outside surely suffering a lot. Hot weather is sometimes tolerable but sweating is really disgusting. I've noticed that I sweat a lot which is not good sign, it makes me more weak. Angry sun sometimes seems cool when clouds cover it for few seconds. Hot sun makes water of tank warm as a result when we use the tap of water we get warm water.

Actually I've no problem with hot sun but why it appear this early morning? It can be hot in the noon. Spoiled my sleep in the morning made me sweated and my sleep remain incomplete. These days its Ramadan Karim going on and my concern for those fasting person who goes out for work. May Almighty bless them with shadow and peace.

Everything is beautiful in a limit and we all know that excess everything bad. Sun of spring should be gentle but its rude like summer's sun. Really very unexpected. Sunshine of winter contain vitamin D. But these days sun surely contain UV ray which is harmful for out body and skin. So fasting person can use umbrella when go out or stay inside home.

Feeling really very blessed that I'm inside my room and I've no need to face this angry sun. I can manage my work inside home. Feel pity to those who works outside under this angry sun. Many people has skin rash problems and sun burn issues, they can suffer a lot in this hot weather under the sun. Fasting people can't drink a sip of water for their fasting and when summer sucks our tongue also get dried. May Almighty Allah help them to deal with this hottest day out there.

  Hope you all are having a great day 😇

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