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Sudden Price Up Of Crypto Made My Day


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You have heard that first love never can be forgotten and in cryptocurrency I also have my first love. Suddenly yesterday evening my first love (crypto coin) suddenly jumped from 0.33$ to 0.55 and my happiness knows no boundary. Binance helped me to cash-out to my local currency and by the grace of Almighty Allah I made some profit. It feels like Eid (Muslim's biggest festival) before the Eid. My first love in crypto world is STEEM.

Waited several months for this price jump though I had not huge amount in hold. It was only three hundred in hold but I'm happy enough with the profit in my local currency. Many people hold a big amount even in my friend circle there were big amount holders and I'm really very happy for them. Once again crypto came to us like a big blessing and our wish this blessing will never end. Long live crypto currency and long live BTC, ETH, BCH, STEEM, HIVE, HBD and all coins that really has power of changing lives.

In 2017 I met crypto currency for the first time and honestly it was really very complicated to me to understand and keep continue so I left it in 2018 and joined another online job. I regret that I left crypto world for two years and when I came back to it at the end of 2020 I saw many people joined after me and grow up their reputation in crypto world. It was really something insist me to regret. Anyway, in these two years thankfully I've earned the position that I wanted to achieve, I'm happy now that I decided to come back to crypto world and it has enough power to change lives in a positive way.

Cryptocurrency bringing financial freedom to me and my goals are getting bigger day by day. Price up and down mostly I consider like up and down in business. When price is down I prefer investing on it and when price is up I use the time for harvesting. Like I harvest my coins yesterday and earned some profit and it made me hippiest. I wish I could hold the happiness till the rest of my life.

Next plan to grow with crypto and will never give up. Binance is a great platform but I use it only for p2p service. Many of my friends making good money from binance too by purchasing potential coins. I really appreciate their investment though I'm not yet ready for such investment and my investment on crypto bound in those platform I'm working with right now.

My goal is not to be rich but wish to earn as much that I can be a giver for the lifetime not the taker. Crypto not only bringing financial freedom and happiness but also helping me or us to hold our self respect and satisfaction that we can't buy from market. Its a life changing asset and may it live long in this earth. Many people from around the world feeling and experiencing such blessings of crypto. In life we have experienced ups and downs and in cryptocurrency we also experience the same but if we use ups and downs wisely, we can bring good days in our life!

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