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So Serious About Making Money


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She woke up because it was her office time but she can't woke up when it was prayer time. That's the topic of today's discussion. These days people found so much concern about making money and they are so apathetic about saying prayers as you may know in some religion regular prayer is a must for example my religion is Islam and my concern is everyday prayers and its my top priority in my life because I try my best to obey Islamic rules and its my concern that I want to see the same concern amongst people. But unfortunately, I hardly found such people around me.

Don't get me wrong that I'm judging people who has no concern about prayers but when I see people have passion to make money but they are unable to feel the same passion for the prayers. The day I know that, when Almighty Allah get disappointed to someone, he never punish the person right there, he just take away the person from his prayer and I can't see myself disappointing Almighty Allah and at the same time I can't see my nearest people around me apathetic about doing regular prayers.

Money is important to live a good life but prayer is important which bring almost everything in our life that we want. Once I joined a job which had nine hours long duty time and they allowed me short time for lunch and prayers but I take longer time for prayers and the job became stressful to me. Later I decide to quit the job and choose full time freelancing which allow me to pray for long time and I can manage time and life as I want. No full time job, no order of boss, Almighty arranged me money making source and giving me enough space or time for regular prayers.

A person who depends on Almighty Allah, Almighty is one enough to him/her. If you are a believer, you can experience it too as I've experienced many times in my life. I may not make big amount of money but I at least make money that can fill my need to live a better life. My prostration to Almighty Allah all the time for blessing me with the lifestyle I love to have where everyday prayer is a must. Today when I see people around me run after money and become forgetful about prayers, it make me upset inside. Often I ask them for attending prayers but they are not interested because Almighty Allah don't want to see them praying and that's the real fact we hardly can realize.

If people feel the same passion for prayers as they feel passion for making money, they never need to run after money, they would get as much they want because when we pray Almighty Allah get please to us and what else we want when our Almighty Allah is please to us. He has no need and he is one enough to fulfil our needs. We human are mostly foolish because we earn more money and lose health and later we spend more money to get back our sound health so making a good balanced lifestyle is important. Prayer bring inner peace and that we can't buy through money, its spiritual and its connect us to our only creator Allah.

Many rude people answer you back that you should pray yourself and keep your nose out of their business even you may wonder that I've experienced such situation and that rude person was educated enough and had enough knowledge of religion but you know what, we only can invite others to pray but those people only able to pray when Almighty Allah allow them for it or else we can't convince them to pray in their everyday life.

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