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Should Let Go Or Complaint?


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When things goes against us we surely get disturbed and something happening to me like that. When I checked in this hostel at the beginning of this April I was not expecting such bad service from hostel super. She is now become the reason of my headache. Last night I was thinking about complaint against her to the head of the hostel but on the other hand I'm thinking that am I going to invite a new enemy? Should I tolerate and let go?

This is about a electrical connection that I need to have near my table. She made several excuses to give it. It 20 days of the month and she intentionally ignoring the task. At first I had issue with broken table in my room and she tools a lots of time to change the table but I didn’t complaint but this time she is crossing the limit. Next month she will go for her exam and my task will remain pending for another month.

Right now I'm depending on my roommate to get power from her multi plug which is kinda risky and not that good for my device health. The room look bad having wires all around and we can't walk on floor freely and need to be careful for these wire. But this is not her concern I already paid the bill of this month and now I feel like I shouldn’t paid it before completing the task.

I don't want to lose my peace so I mostly ignore and adjust but what is this? She get the chance to avoid her responsibilities and all the time I'm doing compromise, is that fair? So I decide to call the head of this hostel to let him know the issue to resolve this asap. If I will be scared to have new enemies, I may have to compromise all the way in life so I may call him after few hours to let him know my concern and probable troubles.

How people can be so irresponsible? I'm really very disappointed with the service of the manager in this hostel. She surely need to learn a lesson that she never can do this with some other polite person like me. But now my fear is about the head of this hostel, if he will be the same like hostel manager? It will be very disgusting if I found them both as the same irresponsible.

Lots of things disturbing my mind. I just wish for a solution in my favor. What do you think? Should I wait for next months or let the issue inform the hostel owner? Honestly I don't want enemy around me. But I don't want to tolerate it anymore.


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